The BBC has decided to give Whovians an early Christmas gift! They released a new trailer for the ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas episode titled ‘The Snowmen.’

There’s some great footage in this trailer and we get to see Jenna Louise Colemen as Clara utter the iconic phrase, “Doctor who?” You might also recognize the dulcet tones of Sir Ian McKellen as he will be the voice of this episode’s scary creature, the Snowmen. Of course in keeping with the ‘Doctor Who’ tradition there will also be a lot of running. But don’t blink as you just might miss a glimpse of what could certainly set River Song off and come back to the TARDIS.

The ‘Doctor Who’ Christmas episode will hold lots of surprises and rumor has it, Steven Moffat will also take this opportunity to bring back a villain from the classic Who days, specifically someone the Doctor met during his 2nd incarnation (the Patrick Troughton era), and who will tease as to what’s to come in the second half of the season. Who will this villain be? Guess we’ll have to wait until the episode airs!

In the meantime, grab of handful of jelly babies while you enjoy the newest trailer for ‘The Snowmen.’

‘Doctor Who: The Snowmen’ – Trailer #2:

‘Doctor Who’ will air on BBC America at 9pm and BBCOne at 5:15 on December 25th.