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Back in October it was announced that Johnny Depp would be starring in a new film called ‘Transcendence’ that would be executive produced by Christopher Nolan and directed by his go-to cinematographer Wally Pfister. In true Nolan form, details of the movie were being kept under intense secrecy – that is, until now. In an interview with The Wrap, producer Andrew Kosove (‘Beautiful Creatures,’ ‘Blade Runner’ reboot) had confirmed the central plot as well as some of the themes that would be touched upon in the film.

Kosove stated that the heart of the film would encompass the themes of singularity, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. He also revealed that the film, whose screenplay was written by Jack Paglia, will center on a trio of scientist who “have been developing a programming code for the world’s first fully self-aware computer.”

Now if you don’t want to know more about the film, then you may want to stop reading here, but the site was also able to obtain a script summary that includes more spoilery details of what sounds like a pretty darn good sci-fi film. Of course Alcon, the company producing the film, has stated that any script summary acquired may be outdated, but even so, what it does contain is very intriguing.

Here’s more of the breakdown of the film:

A group of anti-technology terrorists assassinate Will, Evelyn uploads his brain into a prototype supercomputer. Although she at first finds the experiment seems to have gone wrong, before too long Evelyn finds Will responding in computer form.

She goes on to connect Will to the Internet so he can help make further scientific breakthroughs. Will asks Evelyn to connect a microphone and a camera up to the computer so he can see and speak to her as well.

When the anti-technology organization finds out, they try to steal the supercomputer and destroy it, but Will no longer needs the computer to survive.

Depp has already agreed to play Will, husband of Evelyn and the scientist whose brain is uploaded into the computer.  The roles of Max and Evelyn (the other two scientists in the film) have yet to be cast but it’s not due to a lack of trying. Apparently Ewan McGregor (‘Star Wars Episodes I-III,’ ‘Jack the Giant Slayer’) had turned down the part while Tom Hardy (‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ ‘Inception’) and Kate Winslet (‘Contagion,’ ‘Titanic’) were unable to commit due to scheduling conflicts. With production slated to begin in February, casting news will undoubtedly be announced for the two roles soon.

I’m pretty excited about this film mainly because it’s not a reboot or a remake of any sci-fi movies and it sounds rather interesting. What do you think of the concept?