Yesterday fans were treated to a new teaser poster for ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ and to keep the promotional momentum going, Zachary Quinto brought some unseen “footage” from the film while he visited Conan O’Brien last night on the ‘Conan’ show.

Following J.J. Abrams’ appearance on the show last month, Quinto stated he felt a bit bad that only 3 frames were shown and he wanted to make it up to the fans and brought something longer than three frames long for fans to enjoy.  Of course, this was without the permission of Abrams or Paramount Pictures, but Quinto felt that fans deserved more:

Take a look:

If you weren’t too happy with the footage, at least know that a REAL one minute trailer will be released online this Thursday and you can see the first 9 minutes of ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ when it plays in front of showing for ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ next week.

How did you like Quinto’s preview?