Whether you loved the movie or hated it, Warner Bros is rolling out the promotional campaign when it comes to the release of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Blu-Ray/DVD set.  The studio has been making some big promises about what to expect in terms of extra features and we have a small sampling of what you can see below.

Two of the features that have been released include a short video detailing how the visual effects team created the big football field explosion that was highlighted in the first trailer and that everyone wowed about. From someone who loves seeing behind the scenes explanation of movies, this was pretty impressive.

The next featurette talks about how Tom Hardy was able to transform himself into Bane in order to bring about that image and physique that would intimidate Batman (Christian Bale) during that pivotal fight scene. And speaking of the fight scene, we also have a whopping 42 behind the scenes photos for you to see the intricate fight choreography Bane used in order to beat the Dark Knight into… well if you haven’t seen the movie yet (as hard to believe as that is), I won’t spoil it for you.

This is only the beginning of what to expect from Warner Bros. as the studio will be launching a ‘For Your Consideration’ campaign for the film in hopes to get a few Oscar nominations for its technical work. While the geek world would rather have the genre obtain a more high profile nomination like Best Picture or Best Actor, this may just have to suffice.

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Blue-Ray/DVD set will go on sale on December 4th. What do you think of the featurettes and images?

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – Bane’s Football Explosion:

(courtesy of MSN)

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – Tom Hardy’s Transformation:

(courtesy of The Sun)

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – Bane vs. Batman Images: