Today is a special day for Whovians as today is the day that the world was introduced to the mad man who travelled in a strange blue police box. Yes that right! Fellow ‘Doctor Who’ fans around the world are celebrating the 49th anniversary of the first airing of the very first episode of ‘Doctor Who.’

The episode that started it all was titled ‘An Unearthly Child’ and introduced us to the very first Doctor played by Willaim Hartnell. And while the episode mainly focused on Ian and Barbara trying to figure out who this strange pupil named Susan was, it began the journey that has lasted 49 years, 10 regenerations and nearly 800 episodes making it not only the longest running sci-fi show on television, but also the most successful one.

To celebrate this occasion, we have posted the first few minutes of the episode to see how it all began. While the effects may not be as sophisticated as many viewers are now used to with the NuWho episodes, the charming beginnings and the retro theme song can still elicit the happy anticipation of watching any ‘Doctor Who’ episode!

See how it all began below and join me in celebrating the 49th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who!’

‘Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child:’