Director Peter Berg has made it quite clear that he plans to move forward to a sequel to his 2008 anti-hero superhero film ‘Hancock’ with Will Smith. Last month, Berg told Comic Book News that Will himself had come up with an idea for the sequel. Berg further stated that it was just a matter of timing between Smith, himself, and the other creators to get the actual filming started.

Well it seems as if Berg has found a clear spot in his schedule and is ready to move ahead on ‘Hancock 2’. In an interview with French movie site Cineheroes, Berg spoke on the movie. Bleeding Cool was able to get someone to translate part of the interview and here is what Berg had to say on ‘Hancock 2’ and when it will get made:

This should be done. We are in talks. Once our respective projects will be finished, that Will Smith is finished with Men In Black 3, once I’m done with Battleship and Lone Survivor, we will. I talked with Will Smith, he is always ready.

As Bleeding Cool pointed out, the jilted English in the quote comes from it being translated from English to French and then back again, but the gist is still the same… Berg is planning to film ‘Hancock 2’ after he wraps up work on his military feature ‘Lone Survivor’.

I’ve said it before and I say it again: I’m not a fan of the original ‘Hancock’. It wasn’t a bad film by any means. It was a watchable fluff movie, but the ending just ruined the story for me. But I’m always willing to give a new superhero movie a chance, so when and if ‘Hancock 2’ get made, I’ll see it. I just don’t have high hopes for it.