‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ has been in the news a bit lately. After finding out that the star, Andrew Garfield, and the director, Marc Webb, would be returning for the sequel, rumblings about Jamie Foxx playing the villain Electro started to make their rounds. All this news has come around at the right time because the first movie that started the Spidey story (again) is being released on DVD and Blu-ray this weekend. To promote the home release, Webb and his visual effects team have been doing some interviews to gain some hype for the film.

In an interview with ET Online, the director and his team speak about the appeal of Spider-Man, their approach to the new film, and some Easter Eggs that one can find in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’. Jerome Chen reveals two such hidden surprises in the interview:

“There’s a scene where Gwen is in the Oscorp lab giving a tour to a series of students and there could be Easter Eggs in there. There’s also an Easter Egg at the end of the movie.”

Animation Supervisor David Schaub elaborates on the ending Easter Egg:

“In the very last shot of the film where [Spider-Man] is swinging, gets himself shot out of the crane and he’s flying down past the George Washington Bridge and he strikes a pose, there’s an Easter Egg — but I can’t tell you any more than that — for something to come.”

Check out the full interview below, followed by the final scene in the movie. Can you spot the Easter Egg the guys are talking about? If so, share your findings in the comment section!