Universal Is Making A Gears Of War Movie

The release event for the fourth ‘Gears of War’ game came with a special announcement in that Universal is working on developing a feature film for the franchise! While The Coalition Studio could have gotten by with just talking about their game, studio head Rod Fergusson announced that the movie studio is planning on bringing the game into an entirely new direction! Scott Stuber and Dylan Clark of Universal’s Bluegrass Films will be producing the movie. As a $1 billion franchise from video games alone, it should come as no surprise that the studios were looking to expand ‘Gears of Wars’ into other media.

Shortly after the announcement, it was revealed that F. Scott Frazier (‘Collide’,’xXx: Return of Xander Cage’) has been attached to pen the film’s script.

While we’ve had very little luck over the years with video game adaptations from the classic fail of ‘Super Mario Bros.’ to ‘Warcraft‘ and ‘Assassin’s Creed‘ in recent years, this is another property that could have a shot at being a hit. The problem is that it would likely have to have a hard R-Rating to really pull off the darkness and violence from the video games and a high budget to properly give us the unknown underground species which have invaded the planet. We’ll see how the studio executives work around those constraints.

The video game was set on the planet Sera which is very similar to modern Earth and centers on Marcus Fenix as he works with the rest of the remaining civilization to try and drive back the Locust Horde which has invaded and taken over much of the world. The first game introduced us to Fenix and what remained of the Coalition of Ordered Governments as they try one last attempt to destroy the Horde and save what is left of humanity.

There is a fleshed out world which, if used correctly, could see Universal give us quite a stunning movie. It could take place before the Locus Horde emerging or, as the first game, flash forward a few years into the conflict.

Are you excited for a ‘Gears of War’ movie? Do you think that with this one Hollywood might finally be able to get it right? Which era of the games would you like to see this take place in? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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