Kids’ entertainment is a tricky thing to master. Some films focus on gross-out humor; some are just glorified commercials. There’s a very thin line between something disposable and something worthwhile. However, if you put ‘Kindergarten Cop’ actor Richard Tyson in it, then it’s instant gold.

Tyson is joined by ‘Days of Our Lives’ Abigail Titmuss and Jake Brennan of ‘Airplane Mode’ in a supernatural thriller aimed at young adults: ‘The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows.’ The feature also stars Isabella Blake-Thomas, who serves as the project’s writer.

This movie marks Isabella’s fourth credit as a writer. She has had the opportunity to get her creative visions on screen with another family member, her mother, Elizabeth Blake-Thomas, who served as the director for ‘The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows.’ Not only does this young star get top billing, but she is also set to play a significant part in an upcoming Disney film.


The young Miss Blake-Thomas is no stranger to Disney-related projects. In 2016 and 2017, she appeared in ‘Once Upon a Time’ as a young Zelena. More recently, she has been involved with a film that will appear exclusively on Disney’s premier streaming service, Disney+. Though most of the details are still under wraps, Isabella was able to offer us some insight into the upcoming title ‘Secret Society of Second Born Royals.’ While trying not to leak too much info, she was able to tell us that:

“I play a character called Princess January who is your bubbly, sweet, best friend-type character.”

On the subject of the film’s plot, she had this to say:

“It is about a young group of second-born royals … who have superpowers, essentially, and it’s them trying to fight this antagonistic force – which I don’t want to give away – … but also about them discovering and learning about the Secret Society of Second Born Royals.”

The film will premiere on Disney+ in 2020, but an exact date has not been established. ‘League of Legend Keepers: Shadows’ will be available on DVD December 10th. It can be preordered now on Amazon.

On another note, Isabella is also the ambassador for the mental health initiative, Awareness Ties. Though off-topic from the entertainment industry, it is essential to note that the young actress is making an impact on a delicate subject that affects 16.2 million Americans. If you find yourself in a struggle with depression or other illnesses, please check out the website for various avenues of help and support.

You can keep up with Isabella Blake-Thomas and her ventures through various sites. She can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and her official webpage.

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