It seems that the death of print is truly nigh. In an announcement that went a bit under the radar, one of gaming’s longest running exclusive magazines, Playstation: The Official Magazine, is shutting down.

Launched in 1997, The Playstation Magazine was the premier periodical for Sony fans, offering exclusive interviews, news, reviews, and a variety of humorous articles each month. As Sony’s presence in the video game industry grew, the magazine’s readership flourished, and the name changed to Playstation: The Official Magazine in 2007. For the past five years, Sony’s magazine continued to offer full coverage of all of the company’s video game ventures, including the Playstation 3, PSP, and most recently, the Playstation Vita.

Unfortunately, magazine subscriptions continue to decrease each month, as the internet will always have the advantage of providing up-to-date information. Playstation: The Official Magazine is certainly not the first video-game-centered print publication to close its doors. GamePro ended in 2011 after a successful 22 year run, followed by Nintendo Power which ceased publication as of August 2012.

Aside from an official announcement about its closure, Playstation: The Official Magazine has yet to make a statement regarding the circumstances behind the closure, only that this years holiday issue will be the last.