Wizard World Philadelphia 2018 Cosplay Gallery Part Two

Comic convention season is arguably the most magical time of the year, spanning from the beginning of spring and all the way until the early fall! Comic conventions are a magical place where nerds and geeks alike can gather in a huge space to get excited about all of their favorite aspects of popular culture! This year, once again, the team at Wizard took over The Pennsylvania Convention Center for Wizard World Philadelphia for their 18th year in a row! Much like the nearly twenty years that came before, the convention itself was fully loaded with a veritable cornucopia of awesome cosplayers dressed up as some of their favorite characters from every corner of the pop culture spectrum!

Team ScienceFiction was live on the show floor to get an up close look at some of best cosplay Wizard World Philadelphia 2018 had to offer! There were costumes from movies, video games, and of course some of our favorite comics! Check out the full second part of our complete Wizard World Philadelphia 2018 Cosplay Gallery below!

Aquaman & Captain Marvel


Cable & Deadpool


Edna Mode



Hawkgirl & Wonder Woman

Hopper & The Demogorgon

Izma & Kronk



Lady Loki

Loki & Thor

Luke Cage & Jessica Jones


Mr. Sinister & Doctor Octopus

Princess Peach, Princes Daisy, & Rosalina


Rocket Raccoon & The Winter Soldier

Sailor Moon & Wednesday Addams

Sinestro Corps Batman & Harley Quinn


Stargirl & Doctor Fate


Wolverine, Hawkgirl, & Supergirl

X-23, Jubilee, Storm, & Bishop


That about does it for the second part of our full Wizard World Philadelphia Cosplay Gallery! Be sure to check out Part One if you haven’t yet, and stay tuned for Part Three later on this week to see all of the best cosplay from the convention! If those aren’t enough, be sure to check out some of our other fantastic cosplay galleries from various conventions here on ScienceFiction.com!