Another knockout issue of ‘Hawkeye’ from Fraction and Aja. Normally, I like my comics to have more of an arc over a few issues, but I like these stand-alone stories every month. Also, I feel like this book has everything that a Gambit book should have: action, adventure, comedy, and sex. That’s why I dropped Gambit and am team Hawkeye all the way.

In this issue, Clint finds his dream car while he’s out to buy tape so he can label his arrows, but of course he gets more than he bargained for when a gang comes after the gorgeous young lady that sells him the car… and then some.

I’ve been saying this since this series started, but David Aja’s use of panels is like nothing I’ve seen before. For example, in the panel where Kate crashes her Beetle into the gang who abducted the girl and Clint’s new car, the panel forms the word “CRASH”. The visual looks awesome in the middle of the fast paced chase scene. And then this issue gave us a look at Hawkeye’s quiver and showcased the various functions of his arrows through a sort of spotlight panel that accompanied another panel depicting the effects of each one. With every issue, Aja just keeps coming up with different ways to impress me with his craft.

A lot of little things that Matt Fraction throws in are hilarious. The writer does a lot of things awesomely in this series, but the comedy is my favorite part. For instance, Clint Barton has a landline phone and Kate Bishop finds that hilarious for two panels (as did I). Then, when Kate picks up Clint and admires his abs for a minute, that was funny too. And then there was this:

A nice little throwback for those who missed Hawkeye’s mask.

Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about this series. You NEED to be picking this book up if you’re not.

Final Score: