At some point, waiting gets unbearable. Whether it’s waiting for the new issue of your favorite comic to come out next month or if it’s waiting for the new episode of your favorite show next week, you can only feed the need by watching reruns or rereading back issues for so long. However, fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ now have something to ease the wait in the form of an official magazine from Titan Magazines and Skybound.

Contained within these 100 pages, you get updates on everything in the ‘Walking Dead’ universe. You can keep up to date with the TV show, the comics, the video games, toys, and much more. There are some great interviews with cast members from the show and various other people involved in bringing the world of Rick Grimes and his group alive, and lots of behind the scenes look at all aspects of the franchise.

Issue one of the official magazine puts a spotlight on Michonne, one of the most popular characters from the comic who fans of the TV show have just started to get to know. There’s a great interview with Danai Gurira, the actress bringing the character to life every week on AMC. Other interviews in this issue include creator Robert Kirkman, showrunner Glen Mazzara, and ‘Talking Dead’ host Chris Hardwick.

My favorite part of this issue though is the exclusive short story called ‘Just Another Day At The Office’ by Jay Bonansinga. It’s an original story by the co-writer of the novels ‘The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor’ and ‘The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury’. In this story, we get even more background on Philip Blake, the man who comes to be known as the Governor. There’s so much mystery surrounding that very popular character, so anything that sheds some light on his backstory is worth picking up for me.

Speaking of the Governor, he will be the focus of the next issue as it will feature an interview with David Morrissey. That issue will hit newsstands on December 18th.

Overall, all fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ should pick up this magazine. It’s full of great information and articles that are worth checking out and it’s a great way to tide one over until the next episode or issue.

Final Score: