Ever since “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog’ debuted over the internet, Joss Whedon fans have been clamoring for a sequel. Who knew something that was born out of the writer’s strike in 2008 would snowball into such a phenomena? So much so that the 4 year old 3 part web-series would get a debut on the CW network. Now co-creator and wife of Joss’s brother Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, has given news fans have been hoping to hear – the sequel to ‘Dr. Horrible’ will most likely debut sometime next year.

Yes, fans have heard this said before, but this time the trio really means it!

Back in March Whedon had stated that it’s been difficult to work on a sequel due to his work load but he and the rest of the co-creators, Tancharoen and Jed,  had a few songs already written and an outline for what’s next.

In an interview with MTV, Tancharoen has confirmed that the sequel is indeed moving forward:

“We’re working on it. The goal is that we are going to be shooting next year, and getting the script and everything done at the end of this year. So that is something that we’re actually physically working on now.”

As for how firm this timeline is? Jed Whedon confirmed with HuffPost by telling them, “It’s the firmest it’s been… It’s an always-evolving thing. Even though we’re trying to maintain the spirit of, ‘We’re buddies making little movies together,’ the first one was well received, so we feel pressure to not ruin it with the sequel. So we’re taking it a little more seriously than we maybe should be.”

“We have a number or songs, and we do have an outline for the whole thing — it’s just a matter of filling in some blanks,” said Tancharoen.

Making sure the stars are available may seem like a logistical nightmare. After all, since the debut of ‘Dr. Horrible,’ its main stars have been awfully busy with their own rising stars. Felicia Day is heavily involved with her own creations, ‘The Guild’ and her new YouTube channel ‘Geek and Sundry‘, Neil Patrick Harris stars in ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Nathan Fillion is carrying ‘Castle’, and Simon Helberg is busy on ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Then there’s Joss Whedon who is heavily involved with this little sequel about a group of superheroes that gather together as well as a spinoff TV show with his brother and wife about the government division they work for. So is this realistic?

‘Now suddenly we’ve made ourselves more busy,” says Tancharoen. “But it seems like that’s when things get done,” added Jed Whedon.

If there is any doubt that their schedule would preclude a sequel , don’t forget, Joss Whedon was able to direct and produce a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ with Nathan Fillion, Clark Gregg, and other sci-fi faves while he was also directing ‘The Avengers.’ So I have not doubt that the sequel can be done!

The group hopes that the sequel will air on the 5th anniversary of ‘Dr. Horrible.’  As Whedon commented, “We want it to come out five years after the first one. That’d be a nice place for it to land.”

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