Bloodshot is a killing machine, a human soldier enhanced by nanites by the secret agency Project Rising Spirit. He has super strength and speed, can heal nearly any wound, control computers with his mind and can even temporarily change his appearance. Last issue he was shot in the head.

This was after P.R.S. agent Dodge, utilizing a super human young girl code-named Pulse who can emit electricity disabled his nanites. This issue opens with a flashback to Pulse’s younger years when she was first employed to deal with Bloodshot. (His memories have been erased, so he doesn’t remember this.) Basically, this young girl was kept as a pet to be used whenever P.R. S. needed her. (She’s even kept on a  leash!) Overall, this flashback is pretty brutal all around.

In the present, although shot in the head, Bloodshot is still conscious. His ally Dr. Kara Kuretich intervenes. Pulse turns the tables and escapes. Slowly Bloodshot’s powers return, allowing to heal and communicate with computers and the police scanner. Realizing that he and Pulse are both slaves of the P.R.S., he is determined to track her down.

Valiant Comics should be on everybody’s radar. There’s a lot of competition, but I am continually impressed with the books they are putting out and this issue was no exception. Having not read the prior issues of this series, they provide a handy recap page up front to clarify the book’s premise and explain what I was getting into.

The book itself, the dialogue and pacing are excellently done. The premise is a tad trite. Nanites? Again? But the story moved briskly and satisfyingly. The art is absolutely gorgeous! It’s definitely for mature readers, as it’s a little violent and the tone is quite dark.

It’s very well written, but as I mentioned, there are a few comic book cliches. The nanites, the sinister secret government agency, the hero with no memory of his past, the troubled young girl character… so it’s not necessarily the most inventive book, but it’s so well written otherwise that it kind of makes up for all that.  It’s a solid book that deserves a chance.

Final Score:


Written by Duane Swierczynski
Pencils by Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi
Cover by Arturo Lozzi with Matt Milla

On stands October 10th