Aubrey Plaza Legion

Well, in case anyone was not already a bit confused after the sometimes disorienting (but ultimately pretty awesome) first season of ‘Legion,’ check out the new promo for Season 2! Aubrey Plaza, in full-on Lenny/ Shadow King/ Amahl Farouk style, makes claims that everything we saw in Season 1 was not actually real, that David was not real but merely a “reflection of who you wish you could be,” his lover Sydney (Rachel Keller) was nothing more than “a projection of our sexual appetite,” his friends merely “surrogates for all the little broken parts of your psyche,” and ultimately making claims that the entire season was all just “a projection of your subconscious.”

Check out the full Tweet of the promo for yourself below:


It is a masterful promo that digs right into the heart of the series, which started with David in a mental hospital struggling with illness before he learned that he was a powerful mutant with mind-bending powers and a leach within his mind that actually made him believe he was crazy. A leach that would use exactly these kinds of arguments within his head to make him believe whatever it wanted him to and keep him within its control.

Now with Season 2 of ‘Legion’ set to premiere on FX on April 3rd, David is free from Lenny (aka the Shadow King), who has leached onto a new host, the recently freed Oliver (Jemaine Clemente). The Shadow King is still very much a real threat that David’s friends are going to have to deal with, especially now that David has disappeared following his strange abduction at the end of last season. Personally, I am very much looking forward to seeing where ‘Legion’ goes in its second season, and how they continue to handle the crazier aspects of the storyline, as they have a unique style very different from any other “superhero” story going on in either film or television right now.

What are your thoughts going into ‘Legion’ Season 2? Did you enjoy the first season? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below!