Hawkeye Series Revealing His Backstory
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Talk about the worst timing.  ‘Hawkeye’ was the fourth Marvel Studios series announced for Disney+, so it was the farthest away in terms of timeline.  We’ve already gotten info on ‘The Falcon and Winter Soldier‘, ‘WandaVision‘, and ‘Loki‘.  Now, finally, some information is trickling out regarding ‘Hawkeye’, as it’s getting closer to becoming a reality.

Unfortunately, its star, Jeremy Renner, is now caught in a media storm, facing serious allegations from his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco.  Renner and Pacheco are locked in a bitter custody battle over their six-year-old daughter, Ava.  According to Pacheco, Renner has threatened to kill her and himself.  She alleges that during one encounter, he placed the barrel of a gun in his mouth, before taking it out and shooting at the ceiling, while their daughter was asleep in another room.  Renner has called Pacheco an “unstable liar.”  He states that he has been cleared by child protective services and he is considered sober thanks to urine tests “every other day.”


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A representative for Renner states:

“The well-being of his daughter Ava has always been and continues to be the primary focus for Mr. Renner.  This is a matter for the court to decide. It’s important to note the dramatisations made in Ms. Pacheco’s declaration are a one-sided account made with a specific goal in mind.”

Marvel Studios/Disney

While this conflict is a personal matter, it has sadly spilled over to the public, with many Marvel fans urging Disney to drop Renner completely.  Some have pointed out that there have been multiple instances of actors being replaced in the MCU, most notably with Don Cheadle replacing Terrance Howard as James “Rhodey” Rhodes/War-Machine.  According to The Independent, Disney did consider replacing Renner, but decided not to.

Ironically, the ‘Hawkeye’ Disney+ series is believed to be Renner’s swan song, as his character, Clint Barton is expected to pass the mantle of Hawkeye over to a new character, Kate Bishop, possibly played by Hailee Steinfeld.  The show will also offer insight into Barton’s backstory, something that hasn’t been depicted in the movies.


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Producer Trinh Tran said:

“Well, I chose that one specifically because we haven’t gotten a chance to tell Clint Barton’s story. You’ve seen Thor have several movies. You know his backstory. Cap has several movies, Tony has a few, so they’ve all had their chance, and Clint Barton hasn’t gotten a chance to tell his past. I’m excited for that, and I’m also excited that there is a young girl coming in who wants to be Hawkeye.”

For the time being, it looks as though ‘Hawkeye’ is proceeding as planned, with Renner in the starring role.  Should his personal matters escalate, it is still possible that Disney could sever ties.  If that happens, what will be come of the show?  Would there be a point in recasting the role of Barton, when he is already one of the least important characters in the franchise?  Especially considering that the show was designed to write him out and replace him with a new younger successor?

Are you looking forward to the ‘Hawkeye’ series?  Or do Renner’s personal matters make you less interested in seeing more?


Source: Screen Rant