Syfy Cancels ‘Stargate Universe’ After Just Two Seasons

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The Syfy channel has canceled Stargate Universe in the middle of the shows second season. The show’s remaining 10 second-season episodes will air in Spring 2011.

Based on the 1994 Movie, Stargate, the franchise spawned three series; Stargate SG-1 (10 seasons), Stargate Atlantis (5 seasons) and the now canceled Stargate Universe (2 seasons) and several TV movies. A television version has aired since 1997. No word from Syfy if there are any plans for any additional television series or to complete any of the in-development movies.

  • Jason


  • Armoyer

    Well, here we go again with the SyFy channel. Stargate Universe had such potential. A tremendous ship with unexplored rooms and corridors, The aliens who built it, etc. The race to get back home somehow. But, once again, it sounds like the SyFy writers went into “We are DRAMA” mode, just like they did with Battlestar Glactica, which killed that series as well. When will the SyFy writers learn that we want SCI-FI ACTION AND ADVENTURE! Drama just goes along for the ride and should NOT be the focus. Screwed it up again, didn’t they?

    • You are so right. “SCI-FI ACTION ADVENTURE” They screwed it up by going all Drama with it. I just don’t get it.

      Like you said it had so much potential, but they let it fall flat.

      SG-1 fought against the Goa’uld, Replicators, and Ori.

      SG Atlantis fought against the Replicators, The Wraith, and had Super cool new armored soldiers who turned out to be the asgard in one episode.

      SG-U had what? The Lucian Alliance. Human fucking pirates! Great job SyFy.

      I think I will just block this last SG-U series from my memory and just remember the good times.

      SG Forever!!!

  • Jim

    After Caprica and this I have little desire to risk getting invested in any new Syfy shows just to have them canceled when they begin to get really good.

    • Crazee Red

      It is their way of getting back for the finale of lost I have sat through tons of cool tv series only to be cancelled after 1 season ,,, Flash Forward, The Event and Alcatraz to name a few

      • Crazee Red

        Oh yeah and Sanctuary

  • Stargate Universe had to much Drama not enough Action. No clear villains to make you route for the SG-U crew. No hot sexy tomboyish chicks who could kick ass. No twist to the storyline at all. Oh we need to get home.

    Then you have one guy with all the knowledge on the ship controlling what happens and doesn’t happen depending on his theory of his so-called destiny.

    Then you have Eli who is super smart but dumb because he can’t put it into context because for some reason he can’t use the crystals to go back to earth and be taught the language of the ancients so we could know what Rush is really doing. To top that off the geek doesn’t get the girl! I mean who do you think is watching this show.

    I love the Stargate Series as a whole until this one. Please rebirth another SG series that gives us all the things we loved about SG1 and SG-Atlantis. SG Forever!!!

    • Wow dude.. Seriously? Destiny is the ships name… He wasn’t referring to his own destiny but the ship.

      As for “hot sexy tomboyish chicks” why does every sci-fi show have to be the same? Besides that here were plenty of chicks in this show, and two of them even do your description, Julia Benson as Lt. Vanessa James, and Alaina Huffman as Lt. Tamara Johansen.

      Did you even watch the show?

      • Are you stupid!? Just because the ships name is Destiny doesn’t mean it doesn’t have another meaning.

        Rush believes he should be in command over everyone else with no questions ask. He believe he should have the power to decide who lives or dies. Meaning it is his Right / “Destiny” to lead / control the crew on what every journey he decides.

        He proves this by this by framing Young so that he can get access to the chair. He proves this by finding out how to control the ship and not telling anyone. He proves this by telling everyone that Elyse Levesque as Chloe Armstrong is cured from the aliens control when she is not. When in fact he just wants to use her new intellect to help him solves his math problems on his wall no matter what the consequence are to her or the the danger she poses to the rest of the crew.

        I think I proved my point here. So please think before you post a reply to one of my comments again because unlike you I do watch the show and know what i’m talking about.

  • Rodman Lau

    Sad day…maybe they’re making room for other amazing “science fiction” content like Ghost Hunters and WWE!! it’s time for them to rebrand again as RealityFy…

    GL with the website launch!

  • Franco Torres

    That’s too bad. I really liked this show.

  • I really liked it :(

  • What is the use of Syfy channel now?

  • Anonymous

    What did everyone expect? SyFy hates science fiction fans, and has for nearly two decades. This is nothing new.

    • Seranum Blackhall

      I know, they even changed the name to ‘Syfy’. What the hell is syfy? It’s spelled Sci-Fi.

  • I am not happy about this, but also not surprised. I thought the show had a lot of potential and while I agree with those who say there was too much “drama” in the show I still really enjoyed the concept and where the storyline was going… shame to see it go.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame, but the show just didn’t have the same quality that SG-1 did. I agree that it did have lots of potential, but Syfy never really harnessed it.

    • so true, I am very disappointed because the “theoretical” science behind the
      show really interests me… I guess I will have to finish off the storyline
      using a combination of green army men and sock pupets here on my desk..

      • Anonymous

        Green army men and sock puppets? That makes for a funny visual, lol. Agreed, the theoretical science was fascinating.

  • Dack

    I’m honestly not trying to start something here, since so many of the comments here appear to be from fans, but…seriously? The only good sci-fi shows have really strong actors that create amazing characters you identify with – characters you either aspire to, would like to hang out with, or at least hate to love/love to hate. Another rule is to keep the ensemble cast relatively small in order to keep the focus on a core group of characters. Even some of the notable exceptions with larger ensemble casts like ST:TNG and Firefly had a handful of actors/characters that were stellar standouts who offset the bad acting/bad characters like Beverly Crusher. SGU had none of that. In fact, the ONLY interesting character on the show was the ship itself! But, it was a ship full of Beverly Crushers. The best writing and production in the universe can’t overcome that. The REAL problem here isn’t the SyFy execs – it’s the casting producers who failed to pick the right lineup of actors, dooming the show from the beginning.

    • Dack

      And to Armoyer’s point: It’s hard to sell a space opera to audiences with actors/characters that just aren’t that interesting. (‘Enterprise’ anyone?) The sci-fi world desperately needs a little more Han Solo, and a whole lot less Masterpiece Theater nowadays, that’s for sure!

  • Rusty

    I’m going with the perception that the NBC execs are being directed by Comcast to do what Comcast did with TechTV.

    That or the execs simply couldn’t figure out what was happening, found a bunch of people who watched a few episodes of Season 1 who also couldn’t figure out what was going on, and decided that there wasn’t sufficient interest in the show to continue it. Better to kill it after 2 seasons than to wait till the end of season 4 and find out after you killed the show that there are enough interested fans to pay for someone else to wrap up the story, al ah Farscape.

    Or did some execs from Fox move over to NBC that I hadn’t heard about for some reason?

  • woltar

    start with a killer premise and piss all that potential away . . . this had enough stuff to go ten seasons . . . too bad the creators couldn’t see the potential . . . what a shame . . . . . .

  • This really, really, sucks. Yes the writers started with a good vision, but clearly, went back to old writing habits. The writers let this show down.

    [SG-U S2 spoilers]
    Some of the episodes, were just rubbish, wishy washy nonsense. Then WHAM outta nowhere you get an episode like Malice, where sure one of my definitely more favourable characters gets killed off, but at least it was pretty awesome to watch, POW breaking out and fighting to the death, that was just cool.

    S02 E14 – yet to see it, but I know it’s called ‘Hope’. I get the strange feeling, this is going to be one of ‘those’ episodes. E13 was fairly cool, 50 Megaton bomb? yes please..

    I miss the slightly more involved theoretical/technical details, I never watched Atlantis, maybe I should have.

    Did anyone see that episode where they find the battlefield, that had a really sweet beginning, but then they get chased off and don’t return even after the kill the drones, that had so much potential to develop into an epic story. Or why can’t they have aliens that don’t die after one episode and actually put something meaningful into the story? They had too many characters from the beginning, the group who chose to leave Destiny and live on the planet, that should never have happened. Ugh, they should never have been in the show. If only in the first episode instead of the Colonel coming through last, he should have been after like 20 people then the ceiling could have killed everyone else before they went through to destiny – that takes care of all the crappy characters imo lol

  • Another example of stupid writers writing themselves out of a job. (I just wrote a fantasy story and if I got hired I would always write happy I swear.) Stargate 1 was a triumphant funny show where humans over came great odds and took over the universe. It lasted 10 years and only stopped production because the cast and the writers got board but the people didn’t they still loved it. Then Stargate 2 was a show where people didn’t triumphant but they overcame. Then Stargate 3 where aaccording to spokesman for the show, was “fear and terror of a tragedy combined with the sense that there is hope for us in the basic ways in which human beings survive.” Writers ones who write for television may live golden lives but the rest of us don’t want to see tragedy on TV because we see quite enough of it in our day to day lives, thank you.

    • hengels

      I totally loved SG Universe – intelligent and sophisticated. Sure not the right thing for people who got used to one-dimensional comic-like plots. I am not a TV guy but SGU really got my attention. What a pity that the typical TV audience couldn’t cope with its advanced concept and qualities.

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