When we last saw Clark Kent on ‘Smallville,’ he was ripping open his shirt to reveal the Superman S. It was the only way it could have (and always should have) ended. But, Bryan Q. Milller, story editor and writer on the CW series, says that ‘Smallville’ might have more stories in it yet.

Miller has picked up the idea of continuing ‘Smallville’ in novel form. The proposed novel would, in essence, be a sort of season 11. It wouldn’t be the first time that a series has made the jump from the screen to continue in book form. Many of the characters of ‘Star Trek’ have had novels that continued their stories. And don’t forget ‘Star Wars’ has the entire ‘extended universe’ of novels. There’s no official announcement from either CW or DC Comics, so Miller’s idea could switch tracks and end up being totally different altogether.

Recently, writer Joss Whedon has continued two of his beloved series (‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ and ‘Firefly’) by creating new stories in comic books. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Miller’s ‘Smallville’ season 11 ends up back in the format from which its lead character originated.

The real question begging to be asked is: Will it still be ‘Smallville’ if the characters have left the namesake town? Wouldn’t it just be Superman? And, especially if it ends up in comics, what would differentiate ‘Smallville’ from the ‘Superman’ and ‘Action Comics’ titles already published by DC Comics?

As a fan of ‘Smallville’, I’d like to see a continuation that follows the mythology of the show, which was different from that in the original Superman comics or that of the rebooted New 52 Superman titles. What do you think? Would you like to see what happened after the Clark Kent of ‘Smallville’ finally became Superman? If so, would you rather read it as a comic or a prose novel? Comment below and let us know.