Jeremy Carver To Step In As Co-Showrunner At ‘Supernatural’

Posted Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 09:08 pm GMT -4 by

jeremy carverSera Gamble, one of the showrunners on the program ‘Supernatural‘ has opted not to renew her contract and has instead chosen to focus her energy on development.  Gamble has been with the CW show since its beginning, running the show for the last two seasons along with fellow showrunner Robert Singer, who will remain with the program.

Stepping into her role will be Jeremy Carver (right), of Syfy’s ‘Being Human,’ which he co-executive produced and developed along with his wife Anna Fricke.  Fricke will remain at ‘Being Human’ and will run the show solo.

Carver does have a history with ‘Supernatural’ having served as a co-producer, writer and story editor during the 2009-10 season, before departing for ‘Being Human,’ which he developed along with Fricke, based on the British original series.  He will maintain his “Executive Producer” credit on that show.

Previously, ‘Supernatural’ was run by its creator, Eric Kripke, who stepped down from the position in 2010, which was when Gamble and Singer took over day-to-day duties.  He remains an “Executive Consultant.”

For those unsure of what all this means, a showrunner generally outranks a director.  While a director crafts individual episodes of a television program, the show runner is tasked with running the overall, day-to-day aspects of a series.  The showrunner is in charge of managing and guiding the entire series.

‘Being Human’ has been growing in its popularity and Carver already has a history with ‘Supernatural’, so by all accounts this should be a smooth transition. What do you all think of this staffing change?

Source: Deadline

  • I just want Kripke back.  The changes in the last few seasons have caused Supernatural to slowly fall apart.  There are some episodes that are fantastic but the entire season, in general, has not lived up to the standards of the first few seasons.  I feel like it is a good thing Gamble isn’t as much involved but I don’t what Jeremy Carver has in store for this next season.  I hope he looks at everything that Kripke did and continues the show he created NOT what Gamble created.