Wow! Step away from Facebook for a couple days and you miss all the fun! Since the last teaser we covered that was called ‘White Rose,’ the Facebook page for ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ has released 4 more teasers!

The teasers are bizarre to say the least and follow the same creepy imagery seen in the other videos. How this all ties in to the series is driving me mad which may just be what show runner Ryan Murphy is intending to do with the lot of us.

The four teasers are called ‘Ascend’ (which shows the chilling White Nun going up a staircase while what seems like a patient is walking back bended downward), ‘Glass Prison’ (which may represent the inmates that are being kept at the asylum), ‘Red Rave’ (which has a rave of patients passing a bucket of something over their heads), and ‘White Rave’ (which has the same rave this time passing the White Nun over their heads).

In continuation of this eerie promotional campaign is the release of four rather haunting key art posters that are associated with the teasers that have already been released. Looking at these images makes me think that whoever is in charge of the show’s PR department is an absolute genius! While the first season of ‘American Horror Story’ was exceptional in its own right, the second season has raised the stakes and without even seeing one bit of footage of the actual show (at least that is what can be assumed with these teasers), what has been circulating so far indicates that this season will truly be over the top.

If you’ve been wondering when ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ will air, then wonder no longer as it’s been officially announced that the season premiere will occur on October 17th!

So mark your calendars and keep it here on as each week we’ll be recapping the episodes and trying to make sense of it all!

Until then, check out the teasers and the poster for ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’:

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ – Ascend Teaser:

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ – Glass Prison Teaser:

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ – Red Rave Teaser:

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ – White Rave Teaser:

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Key Art Posters:

(courtesy of EW)