Titans Nightwing Robin

Some fans were taken about when Brenton Thwaites was revealed in costume as Robin.  Many had assumed that ‘Titans’ would be delivering Nightwing, although that was simply that, an assumption.  In early reports, Thwaites’ character was referred to as Dick Grayson, neither Robin nor Nightwing.  But considering that it’s been almost 35 years since the comic book Grayson operated as Robin, modern fans can be forgiven for wanting to see the character on TV depicted in the guise that they are most familiar with.

During a Q&A conducted by TV Line, the cast and creators fielded various questions from viewers, but of course, the biggie was “Will Dick Grayson become Nightwing?”

Executive producer Akiva Goldsman answered:

“That’s the long game.  Our whole first season is an origin episode, the birth of the team.”

Fellow EP Geoff Johns added:

“Obviously, Dick Grayson’s evolution from Robin to Nightwing is a big part of his character, and at some point he will evolve into that.”

‘Titans’ was renewed for a second season before the first episode went live on DC Universe, but it seemed like that was the game plan all along.  In fact, it looks as though the new streaming service is looking for ‘Titans’ to run multiple seasons, and that the creators already have an idea of where they want to go with the series.

Currently, although the team is just beginning to come together, Dick’s character is closer to where it was a few years into the run of the ‘New Teen Titans’ comic book, roughly a year before the famous ‘Judas Contract’ storyline.  Dick had felt manipulated into joining the new iteration of the Titans to begin with, and the frustration of being treated as a sidekick instead of a hero in his own right took its toll and he ditched the Robin identity.  It wasn’t until the ‘Judas Contract’ that he finally adopted the Nightwing identity, which was an homage to both Batman and Superman, but a separate identity of his own.

The third episode of ‘Titans’, entitled ‘Origins’ will be available to stream on Friday.