The war between the vampires, the zombie/mummy Van Helsings and the hybrid vampire/zombie/mummies from the nearby town culminates here with the arrival of Stormwatch. Things get dire, however when one supporting player switches sides and Andrew seems to lose all of his magical powers. He’s not the only one to lose his powers by the issue’s end.

I’m not sure why Stormwatch appeared here, other than to reaffirm that these books share a common world. I don’t know much about Stormwatch and didn’t really learn much about them from their brief stop-over in this issue. Their dialogue was snappy, at least.

The war with the Van Helsings was starting to drag. The Van Helsings had devolved to the point of not even being real characters anymore, just this mob. Adding the local town people to the mix made things even more chaotic. The ending was a relief, just because things had gotten so out-of-control.

On the plus side, there are several pretty shocking developments at the end of this issue that serve as excellent cliffhangers.

Overall, I enjoyed this issue, but it was one of the weaker installments of this series. The art was still amazing, but the storyline didn’t pay off the way I would have liked. But I have high hopes that the upcoming issues will prove interesting.

Final Score:


Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by Andrea Sorrentino
Cover by Clayton Crain