Not too sure what to make of this new trend of studios releasing massive amounts of clips at one time. Warner Bros. did this just a few days ago with ‘Dark Shadows’ and now Universal has just released 8 new clips for the movie ‘Battleship.’

It remains to be seen whether the film will sink or survive in the US, but overseas, ‘Battleship’ seems to be a blockbuster phenomenon. Here, however, many have already written the movie off for reasons that include the somewhat  dubious connection to the Hasbro game, the introduction of Cylon-like aliens, and the complete similarity to the ‘Transformers’ movie franchise.

It cost around $200 million for the movie to be made (not including the cost to advertise and promote the film) and although it’s reported to have already made $170million overseas, the movie, in film industry terms, would have to double the budget in terms to break even. That means it would have to haul in $130million in the US. That’s a tall order for a movie that people are already having second thoughts of seeing.

Maybe this is Universal’s way of putting doubters at ease? Take a look at the clips below and let me know if it’s changed your mind about seeing the movie or if you think Universal’s ‘Battleship’ should have stayed a board game!

‘Battleship’ Clip – Good Start:

‘Battleship’ Clip – Plunge to Destruction:

‘Battleship’ Clip – Bad Idea:

‘Battleship’ Clip – Falling Tower:

‘Battleship’ Clip – Mick Defends Sam:

‘Battleship’ Clip – Mahalo:

‘Battleship’ Clip – Hong  Kong Attack:

‘Battleship’ Clip –  Wasted Skills:

‘Battleship’ is directed by Peter Berg, stars Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, and Liam Neeson and opens in US theaters on May 18th.