The new trailer for ‘The Giver’ highlights the stylized combination of black and white and color that, like with ‘The Wizard of Oz’ seems to signify the transition between two different worlds: one of enlightenment and one of suppression.  The film is the latest YA dystopian adaptation to hit theaters… could the genre be nearing fatigue?  Or rather are audiences?  Perhaps male actor Brenton Thwaites’ performance as lead character Jonas will be enough to distinguish this film from all the other YA dytopian films.

Thwaites plays a young man who violates the rules of his oppressive (but content) society who ventures beyond their boundaries and discovers The Giver, played by Jeff Bridges who leads Jonas on a journey into enlightenment… and color.

In addition, the film features an all-star cast with Meryl Streep playing the lead villain the Chief Elder, Alexander Skarsgard and Katie Holmes as Jonas’ parents, and almost unrecognizable Taylor Swift as Rosemary and Cameron Monaghan as Asher.

The movie is based on Lois Lowry’s Newberry Award-winning novel.  The movie is directed by Phillip Noyce based on a screenplay by Michael Mitnick and Robert B. Weide.

You can check out the trailer below:

The concept seems intriguing enough and the lack of color in the repressed portion of society is unique and could really work on the big screen.  Streep and Bridges in particular bring an air of gravitas which should really boost this movie above the average.

Also released is a post of each major character in the film.  You can glimpse those below:

Are you ready to see this award winning book brought to the big screen?  What do you think about the use of black and white and color?  Or are you tired of all these dystopian adaptations starring teenage protagonists?  Comment below!

Source: Yahoo