As previously reported, Deadpool will be relaunched with the new writing team of Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan as part of the Marvel NOW initiative this fall. Overseeing the artistic duties for Mr. Wilson will be ‘Walking Dead’ and ‘Venom’ artist Tony Moore. With an interesting creative team behind him, the Merc with a Mouth is sure to turn some heads. I mean, he’ll turn more heads than usual.

Thanks to MTV Geek (via Comic Book Movie), we get a sneak peek at Moore’s inked pencils from the first issue. And when you look at them, keep in mind that you’re not going crazy. That is actually Deadpool and Captain America squaring off against “Undead Harry Truman” and “Undead FDR”. Check out the pages below:

When the announcement of Deadpool’s new creative team was made, Duggan had this to say about his and Posehn’s goals for the book:

“I would say, though, if you’re a fan of a mentally diminished Deadpool, your hopes will be met and your expectations rewarded. I think we wanted with the first issue to make a new Deadpool comic that a Deadpool fan will really enjoy and want to come back for the second issue. The other side there, though, is that we know this is a new #1 by guys that haven’t done Deadpool yet, and we’re hoping to pick up new fans who will buy the first issue and say, ‘Oh, this is what Deadpool is? I’m sticking around.’ I think that’s a balancing act that we did a pretty good job of. I think we made a fun comic that any Deadpool fan will recognize as a new chapter in Deadpool’s publishing history.”

Marvel NOW kicks off in October with ‘Uncanny Avengers’ #1 and ‘Deadpool’ #1 hits shelves in November.