Ever since it was announced that NBC and DC were teaming up to do a show called ‘Powerless‘ about a group of average people working for an insurance company that exists within DC’s world of superheroes, fans have been curious about how exactly they would handle the superhero presence in the show. The biggest question was whether or not the characters in the show would have no interaction with superheroes, but merely know them through news stories and insurance claims, or whether the characters on the show would come face to face with DC’s biggest heroes during the course of the episode as they try to piece together the claims of their clients. Fortunately for us, in recent comments to IGN during the TCA winter press tour, NBC execs Jennifer Salke and Robert Greenblatt had the following to say on the matter:

“This is a world where superheroes are not only just on green screen outside the window of this insurance office, but they’re also running into you on the street and wreaking havoc. The idea isn’t that it’s the crème de la crème of the superheroes. It’s a world where there’s a whole population of superheroes with all sorts of challenges themselves. So you’re seeing quite a range of characters in that realm in addition to our great, kind of grounded human ensemble.”

So basically it sounds like we will not be seeing Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman on ‘Powerless,’ but there’s a good chance we will be seeing the lesser known heroes (though to be clear, to fans like most of the readers here, the “lesser known” heroes might still seem like major heroes, it is just that they are not as well known to the wider range of audiences). And with DC’s propensity to make every show and movie exist in its own universe, there is little chance that the CW’s Oliver Queen or Barry Allen might show up on ‘Powerless,’ though there might be a different Green Arrow or Flash that makes an appearance.

What are your thoughts on the powerful people on ‘Powerless?’ Do you even care about this show, or do you think because it is on NBC that it will not last long anyway? Share your opinions in the comments below!

SOURCE: Cinemablend