Gloria Reuben

‘Falling Skies’ aired their season finale on Sunday, and they’re already revving up for Season 3. According to Deadline and EW, the show has added 3 new members to the show: Robert Sean Leonard, Gloria Reuben and Doug Jones.

Leonard has just finished an 8 year stint as Dr. James Wilson on the Fox medical drama ‘House,’ but he hasn’t hung up his white coat for good as he’ll be playing the role of Dr. Roger Kadar, an obsessive but gifted scientist who runs the New Charleston power grid and lives underground with rats who just also happens to be his pets. Children of New Charleston have nicknamed him “The Rat King.” This will mark the first gig that Leonard has done since the series ‘House.’ His character will appear in a 5 episode story arc.

Someone else who will also be seen in a 5 episode arc is Gloria Reuben. Appearing in ‘Falling Skies’ is a reunion of sorts for Reuben as she starred in the NBC series ‘ER’ with the show’s leading man Noah Wyle. Reuben will be playing opposite Wyle in the role of Marina Perlata, an “attractive and very put together woman” whose intelligence and political knowledge and expertise proves extremely helpful to Tom. Perlata was once one of the leaders of the human resistance movement against the invading alien force.

And while we’re on the subject of alien forces, EW has confirmed that Doug Jones will have a creepy role in the show’s upcoming season as he will portray the alien that was introduced at the end of the season 2 finale. Jones is a genre fave as he’s appeared in many sci-fi movies such as ‘Fantastic Four: The Silver Surfer’ as the Silver Surfer, ‘Hellboy’ as the Angel of Death, ‘Pan’s Labyrinth,’ ‘Men in Black II,’ The Time Machine’ and most recently ‘The Watch.’

There’s no word yet if Jones will go the traditional route donning a rubber suit and prosthetics to portray the humanoid species or if the show will have him don a motion capture suit for CGI effects as was done for the Overload aliens. Either case, for those of you who saw the finale, the creature is one scary beast!

Production has already started for the upcoming season and it will be close to another year before we see the new cast members, New Charleston and the 2nd Mass again. ‘Falling Skies’ is said to return to TNT sometime next summer.