Apollo has decided that he will take the throne of Zeus, but one thing stands in his way… Wonder Woman. Artemis steps in to challenge the Amazon, with Diana tossing aside her bulletproof bracelets at one point, since they were originally gifted to her by Artemis. Meanwhile, Zola finally goes into labor… just as Hera flings her off of Mount Olympus to plummet for eternity!  Wonder Woman, aided by Hermes, breaks away from her battle to save Zola, just as Mount Olympus breaks apart, reforming to the liking of Apollo, whose first act is to banish Hera. Despite herself, it seems Strife is increasingly drifting toward the side of Diana and Zola, but she slips in one last defiant blow. Ultimately, Diana and Apollo strike a bargain and she returns to Earth. She finds Lennox still recovering from his injuries from last issue and a newly mortal Hera. Just as Zola gives birth, however, she experiences the most startling betrayal yet!

The last few issues of this issue feature two of the biggest shockers in this volume of ‘Wonder Woman’ yet, so I won’t spoil them. But those two surprises are both startling and welcome. I felt dumb that I didn’t see one of these coming. Guess I need to revist ‘Bulfinch’s Mythology’.

The characterization this issue is strong as Wonder Woman displays her tenacity and compassion in equal measure. The other gods are also in keeping with how they have been established in this title. Zola remains a firecracker even when facing death, both for herself and her unborn baby.

Cliff Chiang’s art is always just gorgeous to behold and that remains true here.

Definitely a high point of this series, thus far.

Final Score:


Written by Brian Azzarello
Art and Cover by Cliff Chiang