It seems that ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ is taking great delight in tormenting its viewers as a second teaser for the series has just been released. If sanity is the theme for this season’s series, then the promotion so far is beginning to make us question ours.

While the first teaser seemed straightforward (nun in woods dumping what looks like sacrificial limbs), this one is more surreal. The nun theme is still very prevalent with one all clad in black tucked away in an alcove while a nun in a white habit comes in with a child’s blue coat. While we never see the face of the black habited nun, the one in white has a kabuki type of white face foundation. The caption for the Facebook video reads: “Don’t try to escape. You’re being watched.”

Yes, this teaser is much like the first one where you are left saying WTH? But isn’t that the charm of ‘American Horror Story?’ The child’s coat seems to connect with the childlike drawing of Bloody Face that was seen in a picture that executive producer Ryan Murphy had tweeted with Adam Levine. Other than that, anyone else care to give their speculations?

With the premiere only 2 months away, I’m sure we’ll be getting more teasers that will give us headaches as we try to wrap our brains around the meanings… I can hardly wait!

Meanwhile, here’s the second trailer for the series:

‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ – Blue Coat: