It’s no secret that ‘Prometheus’ left many movie goers with more questions than answers. Not only were there quite a bit of plot holes, the ending left much to be desired. Now it looks like some of these issues may be resolved with the release of the film’s DVD and Blu-Ray edition.

As with most movies that are packaged for home video, ‘Prometheus’ will include deleted scenes not shown in the theaters. Surprising, however, is that not only will there be over 30 minutes of extra footage, but 15 minutes of that is from the last third of the film!

The list of deleted scenes, their titles and run times come courtesy of Bleeding Cool. From the names of the scenes alone, it sounds like some of the loose ends of the movie may actually be solved. Why don’t you judge for yourself:

  • 00:00:58:05 T’IS THE SEASON
  • 00:00:42:08 OUR FIRST ALIEN
  • 00:00:42:14 SKIN
  • 00:01:22:01 WE’RE NOT ALONE ANYMORE
  • 00:02:57:01 STRANGE BEDFELLOWS
  • 00:01:25:04 HOLLOWAY HUNGOVER
  • 00:00:23:12 DAVID’S OBJECTIVE
  • 00:03:27:07 JANEK FILLS VICKERS IN
  • 00:03:40:12 A KING HAS HIS REIGN
  • 00:02:01:24 FITFIELD ATTACKS
  • 00:04:06:06 THE ENGINEER SPEAKS
  • 00:05:30:04 FINAL BATTLE
  • 00:05:05:19 PARADISE

Most interesting part of this list is the last three entries: ‘The Engineer Speaks’, ‘Final Battle’ and ‘Paradise.’ Since ‘Paradise’ comes after the final battle, does that mean David and Shaw actually make it to the Engineer planet?

Like most deleted scenes, these are probably not going to be reinstated into the film, but the possibility that they may hold answers to an otherwise disappointing ending is enough to get me excited once again for the film.

What do you think the deleted scenes may clarify?

The DVD/Blu-ray edition of ‘Prometheus’ will be available in stores on October 11th