Ryan Murphy must be feeling all eyes on him as filming began last week on ‘American Horror Story.’ While fans are hungry for any news about the series, the creator and executive producer of the show has decided to tease us once again, this time with the first photo from the set via Twitter.

Surprisingly, Murphy never had a Twitter account until yesterday and three tweets into his first day decided to give a behind the scenes glimpse of what the show is up to. Tweeting a photo of hunky Adam Levine with another not as well-known star of the series, Murphy writes:

So who or what exactly is this Bloody Face that is painted on a wall that looks like part of the creepiest hallway ever? We already know that Levine will be paired up with Jenna Dewan to play the couple nicknamed ‘The Lovers.’ However, we still don’t know if they will be inmates at the insane asylum that is run by Jessica Lange’s character. As Murphy has already indicated, this season won’t have any ghosts, which rules out any apparition theories you may have.

So what do you think? Will Bloody Face be an important part of the series like the Rubber Suit Man or he is simply a drawing and will have nothing to do with the storyline beyond being a background fixture? Let’s hear what you think!