Michael Rowe

Yesterday, we learned that Deadshot, one of the most skilled marksmen and deadliest assassins in the entire DC Universe, would be headed to Starling City to go toe to toe with Oliver Queen in The CW’s upcoming superhero drama ‘Arrow’. However, we were left with many unanswered questions about the longtime Batman villain and Suicide Squad member, like who would play him and how he would be portrayed. Today, we get our answers.

According to Comic Book Movie, Canadian actor Michael Rowe has been cast as Deadshot in the third episode of the series titled ‘The Lone Gunman’. He’ll join China White, played by ‘X2’ actress Kelly Hu, and Deathstroke, as seen briefly in the extended trailer, in Arrow’s rogues gallery. At this rate of a new villain per episode, that makes one wonder about who else will emerge from the seedy underbelly of the DC Universe to take on Arrow.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim sheds even more light on their version of the Deadshot character:

“Deadshot doesn’t speak much, so he has to have that physicality. And Michael certainly has that. He has that look.”

He goes on to say that the villain may be seen again outside of this third episode before going into more detail as to how Deadshot will be portrayed:

“In the same way that the pilot is a more grounded and realistic take on the material, our Deadshot is a more grounded and realistic take on the character than the fully costumed and masked super-villain that you see in the comics. You’ll definitely see the red eye piece, which is the most distinctive, iconic feature of that character, and I will say that with no slam to ‘Smallville’ intended, it’s a much more faithful version of Deadshot than the Deadshot that was in ‘Smallville’.”

There you have it. The ‘Arrow’ crew is looking at a more faithful, yet realistic depiction of the character. We’ll see how Deadshot actually turns out once the episode airs.

‘Arrow’ starring Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, and Colin Donnell premieres on The CW on Wednesday, October 10th at 8:00pm.