Welcome back my darling Faenatics! Last week – we met Ryan Lambert. Enough said. We thought Vex was the best thing the Dark Fae could give us. They were holding out on us!

Here there be SPOILERS….

Kenzi (with Nate in tow) comes home to find Bo in her version of an Olympic event with Lambert. The sound effects are spectacular! Lambert and his mighty fine undies introduces himself. Kenzi shoos Nate out the door to leave Bo and Lambert to finish their gymnastics.

Cut to a guy dressed in sk8ter finest about to roll a cig. An ancient skate punk walks up behind him, claims to know him, begs for help then collapses.

Kenzi finally gets to wrap a hug on Bo! Bo, “I didn’t realize you guys were coming.” Kenzi, “I didn’t know you were either.” (I love these two!!) Bo is acting like a teenage girl with her first boyfriend – beyond giddy into blushing. She suggests they all get together on a double date to get to know each other. Kenzi’s all for it.

Bo drops the lunch bomb on Lambert while he’s building an actual bomb. “Humans at lunch instead of humans FOR lunch.” (Did this little item just slip by Bo?! He’s building a frakking BOMB! But noooo Bo just puts the little death device on the table and asks about lunch! The dude is Dark Fae!)

Dyson is dragging some teen scum into the station for carjacking. He gets over the top aggressive with the kid’s dad. (I’m thinking this is going to be a really RICH problem.) Hale intercedes before Dyson can break something on the guy. He also drops a tidbit about a guy that showed up dead – looks like a 90 year-old but has the id of a 22 year-old.

At the Dal – Trick is warning Bo that communication is going to be important in the coming days. Hale arrives to get information on his murder. Trick thinks the wounds look like a Serket but they usually thrive on healing. Trick thinks it would be best if Bo handle this assignment. You can see the total disappointment on Hale’s face. (I think the poor guy is still hurt that he was the last to know Trick is the Blood King.)

Bo and Kenzi head over to the local backpacker hang out to talk to Tony, the victim’s friend. The only lead he can give them is a girlfriend. Cole showed up to meet him with a blond party girl in tow. Once Cole died the girl vanished.

The girl’s name is Delphine and Hale got a hit on her credit card. She bought a bus ticket for San Francisco.

At police headquarters – Dyson mouths off to his boss and gets a whole lotta suspension to cool his head.

At one of THE most swanky restaurants in town – Kenzi tries to explain to the hostess that her friends are on their way. The snob is not being helpful but she becomes sweet as can be when Lambert finally arrives. Kenzi is a little deflated when she finds out Lambert took the liberty to order for everyone. (Who does that?) After Lambert orders the most expensive champagne Nate proposes a toast – to new experiences and new friends! Lambert “a toast with water. Nate I’m looking forward to getting to know you.” (Lambert may be hot as hell but damn he can be a stuck up ASS!)

In a shabby clinic – a young girl asks “It’s a hundred right?” A young female doctor tells her to relax then places one hand over the girl’s neck and her other hand over a container. The girl gasps then turns old before our eyes! Blood flows from the doctor’s other hand into the container.

Back at the restaurant De Swank – Kenzi and Nate are telling tales of the road. Lambert can’t seem to wrap his head around the fact that Nate was playing a gig in front of 15 people and only made $55. Bo calls Lambert out on being a total Jerk (thank you Bo!) Dinner arrives. The look on everyone’s face after taking a bite is priceless!! The disgust is overwhelming! Lambert thought he’d challenge their taste buds with some tripe. (I may have hurled a little.) Bo get’s a call on her case and has to run but she insists Kenzi and Nate stay to get to know Lambert. Once Bo leaves Lambert apologizes (almost earnestly in fact) because he was just trying to make a good impression on them to please Bo. To make amends he asks them to stay, order anything they like and he has a surprise for Nate – he’s invited a music agent friend to come down to talk to him.

Lambert accompanies Bo on the case. Dalphine has been spotted at the hostile. She bolts when Bo confronts her. In the ally Bo uses her succu-gifts to calm the girl. She and Cole wanted to go to Europe but they didn’t have enough cash. She heard of a clinic that would pay for medical testing. Cole didn’t think it was safe but she kept pushing him.

Back at the restaurant – Kenzi and Nate surely did order anything (and everything) they wanted. They are full to bursting. The agent arrives to find Nate feeding cheesecake to Kenzi. And the agent is… dun dun duuuuun The Morigan!! (I had a sneaky suspicion that’s who it would be given that Lambert is Dark Fae and all.) Kenzi has a sheer look of terror.

Bo and Lambert visit the “clinic” and find out that it’s a rejuvenation spa. The gal in the white coat that greets them is very sweet and helpful until Bo starts giving her the third degree on how they do their testing. Once Bo and Lambert leave the technician goes to the back to talk to her sister. She recognized Lambert and figures Bo to be the unaligned succubus. (Huh? Why would she jump to that conclusion? Lambert is a known playboy. That could be any woman on the planet on his arm. Bad jump writers.)

Back at the restaurant – the Morrigan lays out a plan. Kenzi tries to stall when the Morrigan suggests they go sign the paperwork. Kenzi insists Nate play live. The Morrigan reluctantly sends Nate off to get his guitar and meet back at her office in an hour then insist Kenzi share a cocktail with her. Kenzi warns that he is her boyfriend and the Morrigan can’t have him. Unfortunately we all saw how happy Nate was to have the chance to be a star so the Morrigan already has her nasty well manicured claws wrapped around Nate’s heart “I’m sorry buttercup but that’s just the way our world works. You know that. I get what I want and you get left behind.” (That’s why she is the leader of the Dark Fae!)

Hale goes to bat for Dyson. He promises to keep him in line. His boss tells him that both of their asses are on the line but agrees to reinstate Dyson.

Bo slips back into the clinic and finds Lana (the nice sister) cleaning the wounds on the once young girl. Her sister, Hessa (the evil sister) quietly comes up behind Bo and pulls a Fae version of the Vulcan nerve pinch sending Bo to the ground. Bo wakes chained to a gurney. Hessa orders Lana to “take care of her” but Lana hesitates. Doing the age suckage on Fae must be crossing a line. She does it anyway.

Back at the restaurant – Kenzi pleads with the Morrigan.(OH CRAP) Kenzi says the magic words “I’ll do anything” and the Morrigan begins to play. (OH CRAP vs 2.0) The Morrigan offers a “you’ll owe me.” (Never EVER oooowe a Dark Fae!! Come on Kenzi! You’ve read fairy tales! Don’t do it!) The offer is one favor, collectable at her discretion, whatever she wants, no questions asked. What a massive open check! Kenzi agrees. The Morrigan also leaves Kenzi with the cleanup of Nate’s heart when he finds out he wasn’t good enough for the big time. (Ugh poor Kenzi.)

Back at the clinic – Lambert comes to the rescue… sort of. He gets the sisters to release Bo but he won’t go against them when Bo wants her essence used to revive the humans. He IS Dark Fae after all. (Why won’t Bo see this?! Woman!) While Lambert and Bo argue, Hessa destroys Bo’s youth then she orders Lana to finish the humans. Bo tries to convince Lana that what she’ doing is wrong. It works. Lana turns on Hessa. Bo asks her to use the essence to help the humans.

At the succu-mansion – Kenzi helps a disheartened Nate. He can’t figure out what happened. How did he blow the chance?

Later – Kenzi tells Bo that her boy toy sent the Morrigan for Nate. Bo finally has to come clean to Kenzi about Ryan being Dark Fae. (NOW will she see how baddie bad he is?!) Kenzi, “Bo come on you know I like it when you’re getting your hunger all hitched up ok but this guy is obviously bad news!”

At the Dal – Hale finds Dyson drowning his sorrows in a beer. The teen had a change of heart and suddenly turned himself in. Dyson admits he may have had a chat with the kid but swears he didn’t use his wolf. Hale asks how Dyson is going to explain this to the Ash. Dyson is done explaining himself to anyone. (Oh dear. We’ve got surly Dyson back. I really don’t like emo I-hate-the-whole-world Dyson.)

Bo confronts Lambert about Nate. He thinks he gave the kid an opportunity. She also addresses the sisters. He supports that stand as well. He chose his alignment a long time ago. He points out that she has no idea what the alignments are all about. She thinks the Light are good and the Dark are bad. But how can a Light Fae leader lock an innocent human (one that Bo cares about a LOT) in a dungeon for days? This guy has a plus 20 to his charisma roll because he’s got Bo wrapped around his finger! He also cheats because he got Bo a present – the hostess. Cue more hot Lost Girl sex!

Hella hot episode but really? It took a whole episode to make Bo see how twisted Lambert can be? I love Lambert, really I do. This character has a purpose just like all of the others. He’s a tool to get Bo to look at the Dark Fae – in a different way than Vex or the Morrigan. She’s forced to see that side in a far more intimate way. I love that. For a season and a half she has been unaligned but she’s always leaned toward the Light. This opportunity allows her a chance to take a walk on the Dark side. I can’t wait to see how far she’ll go!

Stay Fae y’all!

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