This past week saw the release of ‘Captain Marvel’ #1. This issue featured the ex-Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers, as she took up the mantle of Captain Marvel once held by her good friend Mar-Vell. While fan response to the issue was mixed, it generally veered towards the positive. There were comments like “Brilliant!” (, “Fantastic!” (iFanboy), and “I love Carol!” (

But like it or not, it looks like a lot of fans bought the issue. Marvel reported late yesterday that the initial run of ‘Captain Marvel’ #1 has sold out and gone back to press for a second printing. Not only that, Captain Marvel’s appearance in last week’s ‘Avenging Spider-Man’ #9 has also sold out and is getting another printing as well.

Both of these issues will be getting new second print variant covers with black and white outline art (seen below). While I’m not a fan of the black and white or “sketch” covers that are so often used for variants, I guess Marvel wasn’t exactly expecting these issues to sell out or they’d have commissioned an artist to do some alternative art for the covers. Either way, it’s great to see this character finally taking center stage in the Marvel Universe.

The new printings of both ‘Captain Marvel’ #1 and ‘Avenging Spider-Man’ #9 will hit comic shelves on August 22, 2012.