If you’re planning on seeing ‘Prometheus’ anyway and, like many sci-fi fans, already know that you’re going to buy the Blu-ray when it releases, then Amazon has the perfect scenario for you.

Until supplies run out, the first 5,000 customers who preorder either the Blu-ray or the 3D Blu-ray edition of ‘Prometheus’ will get a ticket to see the movie once it releases in US theaters on June 8th.

There’s no release date for the ‘Prometheus’ Blu-ray, nor are there any listings for what special features will be included. But since this is one of the biggest sci-fi movie releases of 2012, I expect that there will be a ton of stuff included on the discs.

Early word on ‘Prometheus’ is that it is the best ‘Alien’ film since the original 1979 movie. And yes… I know they’re not officially calling it an ‘Alien’ prequel but it’s so obvious that it is that there’s no denying it, no matter what the studio says. They should just buck up and call it what it is: ‘Prometheus: Alien Rising’.

Keep an eye peeled for the review of ‘Prometheus’ here on ScienceFiction.com after it’s released and, if you’ getting the Blu-ray anyway, rush over to Amazon and get a free ticket while you’re at it. They’ve only got 5,000 tickets to give away and, as of 1:30pm, they still hadn’t canceled the promotion.