While reporting on the casting news for the second season of ‘American Horror Story,’ one thing lacking in all the posts was what exactly was Jessica Lange’s role in all of this? Now we know as ‘American Horror Story’ writer Tim Minear has spilled the beans!

Fans have known for some time that Lange’s character would be quite different from her Golden Globe award winning Season 1 role of Constance Langdon. While Constance was the (albeit skewed) epitome of a southern belle, showrunner Ryan Murphy had already revealed that we will find Lange in the role as the administrator who runs an insane asylum for the criminally insane.

Minear has now shed more light on the subject and has told MTV News that Lange is “playing something that’s a little more East Coast, a little more patrician.” He elaborates and says this time “she’s playing a nun… It’s different. In this instance, she’s a bride of Christ.”

Whoa! Murphy wasn’t lying when he said the returning actors from Season 1 would have roles that were 180 degrees from what we saw! While Constance had no problem cavorting with a much younger boy toy, Sister “Lange” will be celibate! But wait! If you recall, Joseph Finnes had recently just signed on to play the head of the institution Sister “Lange” is working at and would be the object of her affection.  Methinks the Sister needs to brush up on her 7 deadly sins.

Minear also hinted that the infamous Murder House from Season 1 may make a cameo stating that with ‘American Horror Story,’ he “wouldn’t rule anything out.” As for the other role that is making fans wonder (especially Adam Levine fans), Minear had only this to say, “Let’s say that Adam’s character is kind of a nod to contemporary sensibilities, as opposed to something from the mid-century.”

I am now more captivated for the return of ‘American Horror Story’ as the more that is revealed, the more the mind boggles – and the show hasn’t even aired yet! Filming for Season 2 of ‘American Horror Story’ is to begin soon with the first episode of the season to air sometime in late October.