Welcome back my darling Faenatics! Last week – Bo helped the Morrigan and Vex catch a traitor in the Dark Fae camp. As payment the Morrigan gave Bo the “key” to losing the chain that binds Lauren to the Ash. She also learned that key has to do with Lauren’s girlfriend. What the WHAT?!

Here there be SPOILERS….

Bo and Kenzi are still fussing over that box from the Morrigan. Should they open it? Is it a trap? (The MORRIGAN gave it to you! Of course it’s a frakkin trap!)

Things are heating up down at the police station. Is this a stag party for one of the guys? A small group of really HOT women in little bits of black leather come dancing through the doors. The show that ensues has every guy mesmerized. Nelly would be SO proud, “It’s getting hot in here, so hot, so take off all your clothes…” and that’s what the cops do. Dyson and Hale arrive to find every guy stunned out of their gourd and some mostly undressed. After reviewing the footage they see the gals were there to break out a guy named Zephyr that was just brought in.

Elsewhere, a concerned mother begs Bo and Kenzi to track down her daughter. Her daughter ran away 10 years ago but she thinks she was one of the dancers she saw on the news. She doesn’t understand what her daughter would be doing with such a man because they’re simple tree Fae. Bo’s a sucker for a good mother/daughter reunion. Kenzi, “Lying, sneakery killers on the loose”

Kenzi makes some calls to her Russian connections. Score! They have an address. Meanwhile, Dyson scores an address through a snitch. Bo gets to the scene first to find the leather bits… I mean clothes the women were wearing. As she’s searching a van she hears a car pull up so she grabs whatever bits she can find and high tails it…. right into a dead body – one very dead Zephyr to be exact. Before she can sneak away Dyson walks in. (Busted!) Of course He and Hale want to know why she’s at a crime scene. All she can say is she’s working on a missing person case and bails as fast as her hot legs can carry her. Dyson and Hale search the scene to find Zephyr is missing a hand.

At the Dal – Bo and Kenzi sort through the loot when Ciara comes sauntering in. They really want to know her story. According to Trick she now owns her former husband’s security company making her extremely wealthy. Bo, “so Dyson’s new girlfriend is a billionaire and I live in a house with no walls.” (But it’s a freakin fabulous house with no walls!) Eureka! Kenzi finds a VIP card for a strip club among the items swiped from the van! It makes perfect sense given the way the girls danced. At the same moment, Hale’s reviewing the police station footage again and notices one of the officers showing some special attention to one of the dancers. Under pressure, the cop admits to seeing her at a local strip club on a few occasions. He didn’t come forward earlier because he may have accidently mentioned he was transferring Zephyr and she could have swiped his access card. (Way to go dude!)

Shortly after taking a seat in the gentlemen’s club a dancer begins to perform. Instantly everyone, including straight as board Kenzi, are mesmerized by her. Bo admits it’s getting her all kinds of horny but not exactly like the rest of the house. Failing at subtlety, Bo covers her botched attempt at questioning with an inquiry at job opportunities. She’s hired! (Who wouldn’t hire a succubus to work a strip club?)

Back at the Dal – Trick’s getting an earful on the phone. Things in the Fae world seem to be going haywire. Bo knows where to go to get all the Fae info she needs especially when it comes to a severed hand. It sounds to Trick to be the ingredients for the Hand of Glory, a talisman for thieves. You can make a candle out of the hand (EEW) that will allow access to anything as long as the candle stays lit. The only thing that will put it out is milk. Sounds valuable and easy to get so why doesn’t everyone have one? The hand retains the deviant qualities of the original body (i.e., a murderer) and the process to make it is rather grizzly.

Meanwhile, Lauren is explaining the very same thing to Dyson down at police headquarters. She adds that the more vicious the killer the more powerful the hand. Given Zephyr’s history this is going to be one very powerful thief tool. When they’re done Lauren asks to hang a bit longer. The Ash leash is getting a bit tight. He’s ok with it and as soon as he leaves she’s on the phone with Bo. (And Dyson doesn’t know she’s going to do this?!?!) The conversation with Bo is short and cold (on Bo’s side). Lauren just wanted to warn her but Bo already knows. (I kind of feel bad for Lauren… not really. So ok she doesn’t know that Bo knows about her girlfriend but really?! You’re going to constantly lie to Bo and … ya I better stop there.)

At the lingerie/shoe show – Bo’s pouring shots for Sheri and trying to win her confidence. She doesn’t get anywhere. In walks a surprised yet not so surprised Dyson and Hale. Hale, “looks like Bo’s missing persons case is OUR missing persons case.” Bo begs them not to arrest her just yet. She’s going to snoop around on the inside to find out what’s going on. (It’s interesting that Dyson always says “be careful” with this loving look on his face even though the Norn stole his love for her. It begs the question; can the Norn truly take all of Dyson’s love for Bo? I don’t think so.) While the owner’s attention is on the show, Bo sneaks into his office to take a look around. Holy shark décor batman! They’re everywhere. Bo’s able to find a crazy transparent safe behind a poster. She’s able to snap a pic before Lewis walks in.

At the Dal – the Scooby gang, namely Hale, is able to enhance the photo enough to see exactly what it is – a safe made by the Nablin dwarves. (Boy I hope I didn’t just slaughter the spelling of that one. Does spelling count in Faetown?) Theses dwarf guys were able to develop metal that could exist between dimensions. No one gets in… unless you have a wicked powerful Hand of Glory. Bo was able to lift a print of “Lewis”. It seems our strip club owner is Dark Fae. He gets his jollies abducting women. Bo wants to figure out what Sheri wants out of that safe. It’s got to be important is she’s gone to all this risk. Dyson gives her till noon tomorrow.

Bo meets with Sheri’s mom, Donna, back at the succu-mansion. She breaks and admits they aren’t simple tree folks. They’re selkies – seal shifters. Donna fell in love with a human and gave away her pelt to be with him. A selkie is mostly human when they aren’t in their pelts. When Sheri was born Donna hid her pelt. She never told Sheri she was a selkie until Sheri stumbled upon her pelt when she was 15. Kenzi, “mmm which triggered the great mother daughter crap storm of 2002.” Without their pelts they can never go back to the sea.

Bo finds Sheri getting the Hand ready. Bo gives her an ultimatum, deal with her or deal with the cops. Zephyr used to frequent the bar. When she and her “sisters” found out he was a murderer they knew they had a chance. Yup, all of the strippers are selkies. They were all going to buy a beach side bar. They figured stripping would get them fast cash. Lewis found out and told them he had an investor friend that could help them. Instead, he stole their pelts. He promised he would give them back if they danced for a year. (Never trust a Dark Fae!) So is Bo going to help them or turn them in? Y’all know Bo’s going to help!

Whoever lights the candle pulls off the theft. Lewis walks in before they light the candle. Lucky for them Dyson and Hale join the party too. Hale keeps Lewis occupied at the business end of his gun while Bo and Sheri light the candle together. Everyone in the room freezes. The hand unlocks the safe as foretold. Pelts recovered. The hand then turns on Sheri but Bo conveniently finds some half-n-half on the bar to extinguish the flame. All of the girls are free… all but Sheri. Dyson insists that Sheri must pay for killing Zephyr. Sheri asks Dyson if he could possible know what its like to have something so dear taken from him. (Uh ya he does. First hand.) Dyson turns all mushy and tells Bo they need to create a new crime scene. ( I LOVE when he gets that look!!!)

At the Dal – Headlines read “Cop Killer’s Death Deemed Suicide.” Trick gets a call of even more Fae ruckus.

Donna and Sheri get to finally have a mother/daughter moment. Sheri has her pelt and the sea is calling. She promises her mom she’ll visit but she got to go. She shimmies out of her cloths and into a seal.

NOOOO! Dyson and Ciara are the sex scene of the week! Ok I really can’t complain because it IS a nekkid Dyson but really does it have to be Ciara?! GAK! She already starting to decorate his place! She’s bought him a painting. Dyson has a worried look on his face. (But is he stopping the gyrating woman on his lap? Ugh no.)

Trick meets with Lauren to see if she’s come across any of the unprovoked hostility that’s going on around town. She hasn’t been she’ll poke around. Laure’s handler isn’t going to let Bo talk to her but then Trick convinces him to have a beer on the house. (Who can pass that up?) It’s time to have a talk. Bo presents the box to Lauren. The Morrigan told her that it’s the key to saving Nadia. It’s been killing Lauren not being able to tell Bo about Nadia. But how do you tell someone you care about “oh ya by the way I have a girlfriend that’s in a coma?” (Zoe Palmer delivers this scene with the most amazing grace and emotion!) She and Nadia were in the Congo when a deadly illness swept through a local village. Lauren went to help. This is when she learned that the village was all Fae. Nadia became ill as well. She was the only human to get sick. The former Ash offered all of his resources to help her find a cure but in exchange she had to become a slave to him. The box from the Morrigan could hold a cure. Bo hadn’t opened it because she thought they should open it together. Inside is a simple iron nail. Both ladies look completely confused.

This was one of those cute little feel good episodes that really doesn’t do anything to move the main story along.(Aside from the nail bit at the end which really doesn’t move the story along either but rather adds to the mystery.) I kind of liked it though. The gals were hot, Dyson was sweet, Kenzi had some zinger lines, and Bo saved the day.

What did you think?

Stay Fae y’all!

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