I really wish that I had the sort of sources that Latino Review has. Their reports on Marvel movies, including the news that Loki and Thanos would be in ‘The Avengers’, have been solid, and now they’re reporting another bit of interesting news. According to them, one of the unannounced Marvel movies for 2014 will be ‘The Black Panther’.

Ever since Marvel announced their upcoming film slate, many names have been thrown around like Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, The Inhumans, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and more, but based on Latino Review’s track record and their four different sources telling them this information, one would assume that the King of Wakanda beat out all those other heroes to get his own major motion picture first. There’s already a script floating around Marvel from writer Mark Bailey that was commissioned last year, so they could already be well on their way to development.

There have already been nods to T’Challa in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Firstly, Wakanda appears on one of Tony Stark’s maps in ‘Iron Man 2’. Secondly, Captain America’s shield is made of vibranium, which is a product of Wakanda. With references like that already existing in the MCU, it should be no problem bringing the Panther in.

So far, there’s no other information to report, but seeing as San Diego Comic-Con is coming up soon, I expect Marvel Studios to have some sort of big announcement in the very near future.