Syfy’s new show Defiance is getting a lot of attention from both gamers and television audiences alike. We’re all waiting to see exactly how this new “trans-media project” will work out, but there are still a few weeks to go before the first episode airs.

Luckily, those of you who can’t wait to jump into this unique post-apocalyptic world can get early access by pre-ordering the game now through a variety of retailers. Not only will you get a chance to get ahead of the pack, you’ll score a bunch of bonuses as well. Included are a unique Outlander outfit, a 3-day XP boost, an exclusive “Iron Demon” in-game title, the Red Dodge Challenger vehicle, a special pistol known as “Justice,” and a Lock Box.

Those with a little extra cash to spend might be interested in the digital deluxe edition, which includes a special “Ark Infiltrator” Collector’s Outfit, “Hydra” Rocket Launcher, five additional inventory slots, a unique vehicle color, the “Hydra” Rocket Launcher, an exclusive “Badlands Drifter” in-game title, and a full 30-Day XP and Scrip boost. This deluxe edition is available for $99, while the standard edition retails for the typical $60. The game officially launches on April 2, with the show premiering on April 15.

Defiance is the latest television series from Farscape creator Rockne S. O’bannon. The Syfy original series is centered around a conflict between between two opposing factions made up of both humans and Votans, an alien race that was once at war with mankind. The real draw to the show is the incorporation of a full-feature MMO shooter that will have a direct impact on the story week-to-week. The For more information on Defiance, check out our previous write-up here, and make sure to head over to the official Defiance website.