Right on the heels of announcing that Jerry O’Connell has signed on to play Herman Munster comes the news that NBC has found their Lily, but there’s a catch. According to Deadline, Mariana Klaveno has been offered the role but the deal is contingent on whether or not she can be released from the series ‘Devious Maids.’

Many may recognize Klaveno from her stint as Bill’s sexy vampire ex, Lorena Krasiki, from ‘True Blood’ but she has also guest starred on ‘Dexter,’ Hawaii 5-0,’ and ‘Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.’ She recently filmed the pilot of ‘Devious Maids’ that was originally ordered by ABC and is in the process of getting moving to Lifetime instead.

The problem is that Klaveno has a regular role in ‘Devious Maids’ and although it is not one of the leads, she is still contractually obligated to the show. ABC Studios has so far refused to release Klaveno even with NBC conceding to allow her to play a recurring role in the series just so she can play the lead role of Lily in ‘Mockingbird Lane.’

Although ABC has been making cost cuts in anticipation of ‘Devious Maid’s’ move to Lifetime, they still refuse to reduce Klaveno’s role. The clock is ticking on this deal and from the looks of it, ABC is not planning on budging from their position anytime soon. If an agreement cannot be made soon, then Klaveno’s name will be dropped and NBC will have to go back and begin their search for Lily all over again.

Of course, if it all goes well, Klaveno will not only join O’Connell as Herman’s wife, but she will also be Eddie’s (Mason Cook) mom, Marilyn’s (Charity Wakefield) aunt, and Grandpa’s (Eddie Izzard) daughter.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the pilot and once we know the outcome, we’ll let you know!