Things begin with a dark and stormy night this week, as an inventor creates an immortal being by putting a soul in a machine body. The machine comes to life, but soon after explodes and the soul disappears. The crazy inventor flips out–he will not rest until he finds proper vessels for their immortal souls. Ruh-roh.

The cats are outside Dog City with a broken-down Thundertank. Tygra’s upset because they’re wasting time while Mumm-Ra has the Sword of Plun-Darr, but Panthro retorts with the fact they can’t really do anything until the Book of Omens stops pointing directly up.

Then a junk-dealer by the name of Jorma shows up. He’s an old friend of Lion-O’s who escaped the fall of Thundera and took his shop back home. Lion-O asks for Jorma’s help in figuring whether the book is broken or not, so they repair to the junk-dealer’s shop in a cave.

Jorma looks at the book and declares it in proper working order. The sky, after all, might not be as empty as they think. So the dog leads them to a junkyard that practically gives Panthro convulsions of joy. Jorma suddenly ducks under a sheet of metal while junk falls from the sky. Soon after the rain of junk stops, however, Jorma freaks out and runs.

The Necromecs next appear–robots that attack Lion-O, Panthro, and Tygra–and they soon steal the Book of Omens along with also ripping apart the Thundertank. Lion-O and his cats don’t stand a chance; they’re easily taken down by a massive burst of energy that also makes the robots disappear. The Book of Omens is taken to that robot we saw in the opening. He realizes that Jaga’s soul is in the book, and that his solution to putting the souls of his family into immortal bodies is close at hand.

Back in the junkyard, Jorma explains the necromecs were created by the Soul Sever. Flicker, Jorma’s little mechanical assistant, leads them to the Sever’s hideout. They see the Book first, but soon the Sever appears and stops them in mid-theft. Lion-O tries to convince him that they can help his family, but they need the book to do that. The Sever’s not interested. And he also gives us the backstory about why he’s a crazy robot and looking to combine souls with machines. Basically, his family was sick and this cult called the Necromechers saved them. As a price, they turned him into a robotic weapon to further their cause. He suggested to them that they create better bodies so as not to worry about dying or anything, but they refuse. So he destroys them.

Finally, Lion-O and Panthro reject this entire thing and turn to leave. The Sever realizes Tygra’s gone, and doesn’t believe Panthro’s explanation that the other cat left in the middle of that boring story. The Sever uses infrared vision to see Tygra sneaking up to the book. He fires a bolt of lighting, knocking Tygra out, and tells the cats that they’ll now become his new test subjects!

The Sever tells them the Book has given him power he only ever dreamed of, and he’s now going to free the Thundercats from the weaknesses of the flesh. Weaknesses that Tygra doesn’t really mind all that much. Lion-O demands to be released, but of course Sever won’t do that.

He starts the machine up, but Flicker saves Lion-O and Panthro! Lion-O battles the Sever while Panthro frees himself, but unfortunately Tygra gets sent through the machine. His soul enters a machine at the top of the tower and brings it to life.

Like Frankenstein’s monster, the creature goes bat-crap crazy and starts attacking everybody. Much to Sever’s horror, the beast breaks open the cylinders containing the souls of his family and gobbles them up. There’s a way to stop this, however, and that’s by sending an electric pulse through the Book of Omens.

A pulse exactly like the one Flicker fires to keep pests out of Jorma’s shop. Lion-O sends the little machine into action, but he first has to convince the Sever that his family is already lost. Sever finally listens to reason and the massive monster is taken out. Tygra wakes up back in his body, and the souls of Sever’s family depart this mortal coil at last.

Sever and Lion-O both notice the destroyed Flicker on the ground. The robot knew it would perish in saving them, and yet it did it anyway. This makes Lion-O realize that technology isn’t really evil at all. And he can’t blame it for what wicked men do.

They leave Sever’s palace with the book, and he’s now alone in his grief. Right before the screen fades to black, though, he brings Flicker back from the dead. Huzzah!

If you missed the previous episode be sure to read our ‘ThunderCats: The Forever Bag’ recap to catch up. In case you’re wondering why there are no pictures it seems as of the time of this article publishing Cartoon Network hasn’t posted any promo pics or videos to be captured from this episode for some reason. Boooo!