big bang theory

Well, coming off the Winter Break, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is back and in pretty good form, which I attribute to an episode carried by Sheldon and Amy in which most of the cast is interacting with each other and not on separate storylines. Plus, the Sheldon and Amy story is based on something relatable yet done in a nerdy manner, which is when the show tends to shine. I think the show does a lot better when it stays more focused like this, and Sheldon and Amy stories of late have been the strongest part of the show.

Jumping in, the episode’s main story is all about Sheldon and Amy picking their wedding party, mainly the Best Man and Maid of Honor, as there are many contenders amongst their friends (and Sheldon’s mother wants him to pick his brother). So, being the Shamy they are, the two decide to take emotion out of the equation and start testing the gang to see who performs the best at the various tasks that the Best Man and Maid of Honor would have to perform. With Penny in the clear lead, they even make the decision that the Best Man could be a woman, and the Maid of Honor could be a man, making all of their friends candidates for any of the positions. The tests are odd and hilarious, including a last minute ride to get Sheldon to the train store on time, dealing with a “catering crisis” when their Chinese food comes without fried rice, getting Sheldon a sewing kit, or solving an elaborate riddle of a seating chart. The seating chart, of course, is what finally clues in the gang as to what is going on, as they all suddenly find themselves discussing this riddle, and Howard realizes they are being tested. So they burst in on Sheldon and Amy as they are tallying scores, and say none of them want to be in the wedding after being humiliated like this (especially Leonard who was coming in last place).

At a loss, Sheldon shares his woes with Stuart at the comic-book store, and Stuart offers to be Best Man, and I really hoped it would stick as I wanted Stuart to get a win. But of course, within a day or so Sheldon sits down with the guys for lunch and they remind him that the wedding is supposed to be all about him, so he did not need a scientific method for choosing, he could be selfish and pick whoever he wanted and they would have to understand (Leonard even points out that, in a way, Sheldon has been training for this kind of ego-centric situation his whole life). Later that day we learn Sheldon picked Leonard when Leonard and Penny discuss who Amy will choose, and Penny realizes she is upset that Amy has not chosen her yet, commenting that it is odd that her “best friend” may not pick her to be her Maid of Honor. Realizing what she said, Penny runs to Amy’s apartment just as Amy and Howard are talking about the decision to make Bernie the Maid of Honor, and Penny demands to be Maid of Honor because Amy IS her best friend. And just as Howard is about to tell Penny that Bernie already got the position, Amy, overjoyed at Penny finally saying the words “best friend,” instantly takes on Penny instead.

In the episode aftermath, the gang gathers at the Wolowitz house, and Leonard offers an apology to Stuart for taking the Best Man position. Stuart understands, though he will always have those 2 days where he WAS Best Man, and he is still desperate to be in the wedding. Amy meanwhile, tasks Penny with telling Bernadette she is not the Maid of Honor anymore, and Penny offers her spot to Stuart, who does not want it bad enough to anger Bernadette.


SHELDON: Can someone help me? The front door is baby-proofed.

SHELDON: Boy if I knew getting married was going to involve so much science I would have proposed years ago.

PENNY: (bursting into the apartment with the gang) HEY! Are you testing us to see who gets to be in your wedding?!
AMY: (at the same time as Sheldon) NO!
RAJ: They’re rating us!!
LEONARD: And I’m in LAST!?!

The episode was a great way to start 2018, and I hope they manage to squeeze all the comedy they can out of the wedding of Sheldon and Amy because I am just not sure how much more story they really have left to tell. And if the rumors about cast feuds behind the scenes and cancelling after Season 12 that have been whispered about the past few months are true, then maybe the wedding really will be the last big moment of ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ Until then, we just have to continue to hope the show manages to deliver solid episodes every now and then, and tonight’s proved they are still more than capable of that.