The international poster for 'Prometheus'

Like ‘Avengers’ before it, Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ is opening overseas before it heads here to the states. Also like ‘Avengers’, the excitement for ‘Prometheus’ is at a fever pitch. So why exactly are some countries getting ‘Prometheus’ early? Apparently it’s because of the Euro Cup which runs from June 8 – July 1st. But if waiting a week to see ‘Prometheus’ sounds bad to you US readers, just be glad you don’t live in one of the countries that is holding the release date even longer. (If you do, I feel for you.) The movie won’t open in Latin America until June 14th, and some European countries (including Poland and Ukraine) are waiting until after the Euro Cup to release… and Japan isn’t getting ‘Prometheus’ until August!

But back to the countries where ‘Prometheus’ IS releasing early… According to Deadline, tickets for the film are already being sold in France, where ‘Prometheus’ has already brought in $1.5 million, making it the #1 movie there. And, while that’s impressive, ‘Prometheus’ still fell behind the opening numbers for ‘Avengers Assemble’ (the title was different overseas). Still, ‘Prometheus’ beat out both the opening sales for ‘Men in Black 3’ and ‘Hunger Games’ by 20% and 87% respectively. Not too shabby!

Those numbers above are just for France. ‘Prometheus’ opens up in 20 European countries this coming weekend and pre-sales in those countries are through the roof as well with the UK reporting $1.6 million in pre-sale tickets and that number is steadily growing.

When ‘Prometheus’ hits the US on June 8th, it will also be opening in 35 more international markets across Asian and Australia. So, bolstered by good word of mouth from early reviews and the fact that it’ll be playing on 8,000 screens by this point (with 5,000 of those screens raking in 3D upcharges), ‘Prometheus’ is set to take the summer’s sci-fi box office by storm!

Of course, if you just can’t wait to see more of ‘Prometheus’, check out the spoilerific clips that Fox has released from the film.