Yesterday the first issue of the comic crossover series ‘Assimilation 2’ hit the stands and we have the first few pages for you to see thanks to BBC America!

Fans of both series have been waiting a long time for Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew to meet the iconic Time Lord and his companions. Of course, no other event could cause this meeting unless the universe was in danger and what better foes for the two than a Cybermen/Borg alliance!

The story is written by Tony Lee , Scott Tipton, and David Tipton with J.K. Woodard providing the artwork. Unlike traditional comics, the one thing that you will notice with these pages is that it is drawn in photorealistic paints and not the usual ink and pencil style.

There will be 8 issues in all and from the looks of these 7 pages, it will be an adventure that both Trekkers and Whovians will enjoy. Take a look at them and let me know if you are as excited as I am to boldly go (in space and time) where neither franchise as gone before!

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