At the finale of ‘The Flash’ #8, Flash had escaped the Speed Force and Turbine only to find himself surrouned by talking apes… and one of them is eating another’s brain! Yes… Grodd has arrived in the New 52!

When the story opens, Grodd is still eating his father’s brain and claiming his new title as King of Gorilla City. In Grodd’s moment of triumph, Flash crashes down in a bolt of lightning. Annoyed at the intrusion, Grodd immediately attacks and sends Flash fleeing for his life! But what’s this? Flash isn’t running very fast. Grodd catches up to him in a few bounds and Flash is pinned. When Grodd asks Flash who he is that would dare intrude on Gorilla City, Flash replies… “I don’t know.”

Now amnesiac Flash, who apparently doesn’t know how to use his speed powers, is at the mercy of a blood-thirsty Grodd who wants nothing more than to have Flash’s brain as dessert after his last brain snack. By the time the story closes, Flash finds himself in the middle of a society that doesn’t want him around and is burning his logo in protest.

Writers Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul have been doing a spectacular job in making ‘The Flash’ one of the most exciting and consistent titles of DC’s New 52. Like the titular character, the story has been moving in bursts of break-neck speed only slowing down to reveal important plot points, all the while introducing one of Flash’s villains (both classic and new) every few issues. So far we’ve seen Mob Rule, Captain Cold, Turbine, and Grodd… and next issue, we’re set to be introduced to another of Flash’s classic Rogues.

Top the blurring action storylines with some absolutely stunning pencils from Manapul, who’s been pulling triple duty as writer, penciller, and inker since this title began, and you’ve got one of the best titles of the New 52. I would normally say that it’s the book that I recommend to new comic readers but, since they’ve introduced the openly gay character of Pied Piper, I fear that doing so would bring down the  wrath of One Million Moms. On second thought, go read it anyway. Piper’s an awesome character!

Verdict: Buy

Written by Brian Buccellato & Francis Manapul
Pencilled by Francis Manapul
Inked by Francis Manapul
Colored by Brian Buccellato
Cover by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato