Last issue, John Constantine tricked Amaya into accepting Eclipso into Nilaa and the evil sorcerer wasted no time, slaying Lady Senshee of the House of Citrine, the record-keepers of Nilaa.  Her vast knowledge then passed to her daughter Ingvie, quickly growing into Amaya’s best friend, but the information was too much for her and Ingvie collapsed.  Things are quickly building to a head, as Amaya convinces Preet, the new Lord of the House of Turquoise to remain by her side.  Amaya’s mother, Lady Graciel collects Ingvie’s brother Prince Darjeel in order to protect him and to alert the House of Citrine to defend themselves from Eclipso and his shadow powers.

Elsewhere, Eclipso wrests control of the House of Onyx from Lady Akikra and plans to unite with the House of Diamond.  He then moves against the House of Amethyst, the one House that, in the past, was able to defeat him.  Lady Mordiel, Graciel’s sister, doesn’t know what she’s in for, but the other heroic Houses begin to come together for this final confrontation.

Aaron Lopresti is the perfect artist for this book.  His work is so clean and attractive, with excellent detail and a richness  that matches the writing.  I’m a sucker for great facial expressions and he solidly delivers.

It’s a damn shame that this book is ending soon, but it has consistently delivered a complex and unique story that I will surely cherish and reread often.  The characterization is absolutely brilliant.  Each character has a different voice and role.  I enjoy how the various Houses are coming together to face Eclipso and I simply love that this classic DC baddie is being reinvented and utilized in this series, tying it to the larger DC Universe, despite its fantasy setting.  I know DC has long-term plans for Eclipso, so maybe the Amethyst concept will live on after this title ends.

I’ve stated before, this book just feels rich.  So much thought and planning must have gone into it before the title even launched and you just feel that reading it.  Nilaa has a vast and complex history and all of these characters have a role to play in the upcoming battle.  You just get the feeling that nothing is wasted here.  No one is just there for the ride or to fill space.  There is a reason for everything and everyone.  It’s sort of amazing that writer Christy Marx hasn’t really written many comic books, working mainly in animation and video games.  Maybe that’s the key, a fresh attitude and approach.  (It would seem to be the case, considering how many comic veterans are writing for DC these days and are turning in by-the-numbers, mediocre books.)  This is a great book and one of the ones I look forward to the most every month.

Written by Christy Marx
Art and Cover by Aaron Lopresti