Ever wonder if when the original ‘Star Wars’ came out, people realized that it was going to turn into the media behemoth that almost all other space opuses are compared to? Sure, there are those anecdotal stories on how nobody on set thought it would have gone anywhere. There’s that story at the end when Luke and Han are being presented their medals and all of the rebels; they were laughing at how ridiculous the whole thing was. Now here we are – saturated by Star Wars – it surrounds us, it moves us, it binds us together. From the youngest child to the oldest crone, Star Wars may be bigger than the Beatles! The Beatles never had lightsabers as far as I know.

Now, I didn’t get to start when some of you started watching. I was born in 1983, which means my first experience was with ‘Return of the Jedi’ when I was just a wee padawan. Sure, it is completely out of order but when you’re that young, the most important thing is Ewoks. I’m sure some of you just rolled your eyes. “EWOKS? NO WAY! THEY RUINED THAT MOVIE!” But like I said, to a 4 year old? Best thing next to Santa Claus and because of them, I was a ‘Star Wars’ point from there on. I’ve played all of the games, seen all of the movies innumerable times, even read a ton of those books in the ‘expanded universe’ and it only keeps getting better and better. You know those Sith Robes we have? I put mine on the moment I get home. I’ve gone so far as to wear it to poker tournaments – some people wear sunglasses and hats to cover their face but if you’re playing a game of deception like poker, hook me up with some Dark Side! Does that sound crazy? Eh. Not really. I’m sure you guys can empathize at the very least.

Now, to put another spin on this story I’ll tell you about my father. He’s a former marine like much of my family and is now currently retired. I made the horrible (or fantastic, depending on your point of view) mistake of introducing him to Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is one of those games that you can easily lose 10 or 20 hours without batting an eye and when you don’t need to work any more…well…you get to have some fun! He was never into ‘Star Wars’ that much, but it is simply amazing to hear him talk about all of these little things that he had learned. I think the most important part of this story and really the major impetus to this rambling incoherent babble is he said to me, “I could never have imagined that Star Wars would have ever turned into something like this”. From what I can tell, I think most people would not have known. Would even the most diehard of ‘Star Wars’ fans think that it would have only gained momentum 30 some odd years later? I don’t even think Master Lucas saw this coming. Bell bottom jeans, 8 tracks, and disco is still really popular so…oh wait…I’m being signaled that they aren’t. Truth be told, I don’t think ‘Star Wars’ will ever die out and I wouldn’t be surprised if 10 or 20 years later we get another set of 3 movies(or this will get me accusations of heresy) a reboot! GASP! A Star Wars reboot? We’ll see. Time can be forgiving or cruel and I don’t put anything past Hollywood.

So, without further ado we would like to share some of our favorite items from our collection. I made direct reference to it, but I honestly love my Sith robe. I will never get tired of telling people that the deflector shield is still operational. Ever. Matter of fact, I’ll probably just get more and more extreme in the presentation!  Check out all of our awesome Star Wars Robes here!

My favorite shirt is the ‘Wookie Cookies’ one – just saying wookie cookies kind of causes this mild mental tic; I can’t stop saying it and neither can some of the other people here. It just rolls off your tongue…WOOKIE COOKIE! Then you can just start saying it all of the time and sooner or later it replaces normal language. I was contemplating writing the rest of this in WOOKIE COOKIE but I’m not sure if you guys have the shirt and are able to understand (Wookie Cookie).  You can get the Star Wars Wookie Cookie t-shirt here.

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