‘Smallville’, DC Comics’ most successful live-action television series ever, ended it’s 10 season run this May. The loss of the show is going to leave a superhero shaped hole in CW’s television lineup that DC Comics and WB TV have been trying to fill for several years now. DC has tried to adapt several of its comic heroes for the small screen. They filmed an ‘Aquaman’ pilot that floundered. They discussed bringing Robin/Nightwing to screen with ‘Graysons’. Most recently, they began filming a new ‘Wonder Woman’ series before dropping after releasing some horrid footage.

The latest DC Comics hero in the works for the small screen is ‘Deadman’, which will be written and produced by ‘Supernatural’ creator Eric Kripke. Deadman, a lesser known fan favorite in the DCU, is the superhero name of Boston Brand. Brand was an ex-carnival trapeze artist who dies under mysterious circumstances before returning in spirit form to avenge his death. The resurrected Deadman can no longer be seen by most people or interact with the physical world. To get his job done, Brand must inhabit the bodies of the living.

Deadman may appear to be an odd choice for a television show at first, but the combination of murder mystery and supernatural tale with a sprinkling of dark humor might just be what the CW has been looking for. That formula has proven successful with their hit show ‘Supernatural’ so having that show’s creator heading up the ‘Deadman’ series seems like a perfect match.

‘Supernatural’ begins its seventh season this fall and the CW has already stated that it’s not the last season. I could see a paranormal block featuring ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Deadman’ becoming an awesome night of sci-fi/horror for CW.