It’s the final episode of ‘Awake’, and we’re finally let in on the secret of the two worlds. Oh and minds will be blown!

Rex: Harper calls Carl and tells him she wants to see him; apparently she “misses him.” So she tells him to meet her at the Silver Saddle motel, a place where no one will complain about the noise. Hrm? Some sexy times methinks.

Carl and Harper’s interlude is interspersed with Bird and the team raiding the storage site Britten uncovered last week. Harper handcuffs Carl to the bed while Bird dumps out a bucket of what looks like seeds and uncovers the drugs beneath.

Harper tells Carl that Britten knows about all their secrets. She pulls on a poncho, which leads me to think she’s going to kill him. And yep, I was right. Protecting herself from blood splatter was a good move. Now there’s nothing to trace her back to the crime scene. Or so at least it appears.

Bird comes to visit Britten in the cells and lets him free. He tells Britten about Carl and Hawkins moving all the heroin. Britten makes a plan to go after Carl, and that’s when a uniform tells them about Carl. While at the crime scene, Britten admits to Bird that he wanted to kill Carl.

Harper later tells Britten there was a damage report to Hawkins’s car at the front quarter panel precisely where he struck Britten’s car. Britten thanks Harper for her help, and she says she’ll make sure he gets a commendation at the end of everything. He doesn’t want that though — he just wants his family back. Harper adds on that Hannah would be proud, which now just adds insult to the fire.

Hannah: Britten wakes up on the ground with a gunshot wound in his abdomen and Hannah pulling him up. Or it could be Hawkins, because the face keeps switching. But it’s actually Hawkins carting Britten away. He calls Carl, who tells him to dump the dying detective in a friendly area.

Britten kicks Hawkins in the head from the backseat of the car, and this causes the corrupt cop to crash the car. Hawkins’s face gets smashed against the steering wheel, but he turns out to be OK. Onlookers gasp as Britten smashes Hawkins in the back of the head with the butt of a gun. Britten staggers from the car, gun still in hand.

Dr. Lee sits at home reading when his cat suddenly meows. He gets up after something crashes to see what broke, and finds a bleeding Britten leaning against the wall. A detective who confirms his psychiatrist has a medical degree.

Dr. Lee debates with Britten while patching him up. Britten tries to explain the case’s goings-on, but the worlds are colliding in his head. Britten pulls a gun on Lee and says the doctor is going to turn him in. First they go to the storage site for the drugs in the storage unit–200 kilos of heroine.

Britten breaks the lock off … and there’s nothing inside. Britten realizes Lee called 911 already, and then he locks the good doctor in the storage site. A sweating Britten runs and soon calls Vega from a payphone. Vega tells him the entire department is looking for him, convinced he shot Bird.

Vega trusts Britten though, so Britten asks him to pull some files. Vega refuses until Britten says where he is. So Britten takes the leap of faith and Vega comes to pick him up. Vega takes Britten back to his home–Vega’s, I think–and then Britten tells him to enlist Harper’s help. Since apparently Harper is the only one they can trust. D’oh! Bad decision.

Vega walks into Harper’s office and tells her that Britten sent him. He closes the door and tries to explain about the drugs in the storage site. Harper introduces Vega to Dr. Lee in the interview room; Vega is still convinced Britten’s telling the truth. So Lee tells him that Britten is experiencing a mental breakdown. Vega refuses to believe it though, but Lee pushes that explanation. Harper tries to get Vega to tell her where Britten is.

Lying on the couch, Britten hears footsteps. And then the cops burst in and take him captive. Britten spits that he shouldn’t have trusted Vega. They cart Britten off to the hospital, where Hannah sits by his bedside crying. He’s soon led away in handcuffs and taken to a cell in an L.A. County facility.

Harper visits him soon after his incarceration. He pushes getting the phone records for Carl and Hawkins–as well as the bank records–but she won’t do it. Of course she’s not, since she’s in on it. Harper’s phone rings and Britten recognizes the name as the one Carl checked into the motel under in the other world.

Britten puts two and two together and quickly attacks Harper. It takes three guards, plus an electric prod, to get Britten off Harper. She stumbles away from the cell while Britten cries out that she killed his son. Now the truth comes out, eh?

Britten paces back and forth in his cell for an interminable amount of time. He gets angry and throws things … until he finishes that and sits on the floor. The cell door opens for another visitor. The guard pulls Britten out and leads him to that bank in prisons where you can talk to people on phones. Britten sits down on one side and then another door opens for his visitor.

And ZOMG it’s another version of Britten! The suited Britten picks up the phone on his side, while the inmate Britten cautiously does the same. Inmate Britten asks what suited Britten wants, and the suited detective tells him they need to get Harper. The clock is ticking after all, and we can clearly hear it.

Suited Britten tells Inmate Britten he can show him how to catch Harper. The inmate version says he’ll do anything. The two versions of the same man makes it clearer than anything this is a dream right now. The door swings open for Britten the inmate and he slowly gets up and leaves. Into an empty prison corridor. Umm, creepy much?

There are of course voices, as there always are. Drs. Evans and Lee appear on either side of Britten like the detectives consciences. Evans says this is fantastic, while Lee is convinced it’s madness. They debate with each other about what Britten is moving toward, to the point where Britten shouts at them once he reaches a large metal door. And then they’re gone!

Britten pulls open the door once its locks come undone as if by magic. He walks into the light and enters the hotel room where Carl waits for Harper. Britten is then able to watch them make out. Vega, in a giant penguin outfit, tells Britten to pay attention. Vega actually rewinds and plays again the scene, which allows Britten to see the piece of Harper’s shoe heel that was left in the carpet.

The scene changes again to Hannah sitting at a table set for two in a fancy restaurant. Britten admits to being afraid he’s going to never see Hannah again, and she asks for one last kiss goodbye. Then she tells him to “go and get her.” Now that’s a good detective’s wife.

Britten appears at his house, standing over himself, and then lies down in his own body so he’ll wake up in the Rex world.

Rex: Britten is sitting in Harper’s office the next morning. He asks her about her shoe, which is making a clicking noise. Britten closes the door right before he reveals he knows that she killed Carl through roundabout tracing the motel reservation back to her cellphone.

Britten demands to know how Harper could so easily destroy his family after spending 20 years having her back. Bird pounds on the door, demanding to be let in. But Britten doesn’t move except to point his gun at the captain. Bird escorts a pair of Internal Affairs cops into her office. Cops who are going to “ask her a few questions.”

After they leave, Bird tells Britten to go home so he can be with Rex. Before he leaves, Bird says he’ll need help in the next few days to explain things.

Britten sits with Dr. Evans doing a postmortem of the past few days. She tells him the important thing is being able to see the Hannah world is a dream. Being able to invest fully in one real life will be ultimately rewarding, she says. Britten wonders why he couldn’t have a normal dream in the world with Hannah. Evans pushes him to come back into reality; this is despite the fact everything always seems real. Evans asks him what he thinks he’ll see when he goes to sleep that night, and when he says he doesn’t know she comments that it’s just turtles all the way down.

And then Evans suddenly freezes, much to Britten’s confusion. The office door opens onto a bedroom. His bedroom. And as the door closes behind him, he’s suddenly in his pajamas. In a world where, yes, both Rex and Hannah are both alive!!

Anyone else’s mind blown?